Apr 12, 2024


When you don't honor your word to yourself. You are teaching You, not to trust in yourself. You are saying, "don't trust me, my word is not good". You are saying, "Your word have no value."

Keep your word to yourself. Follow through with your promises and commitment to yourself, for your own benefit. 

Trusting in yourself is one of the key navigational tools for moving through life. Don't afraid to be wrong. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. To err is human. The things you are wrong about, the mistakes are the lessons necessary for learning and growing designed to elevate you to your best self. 

Be true to you, even when you cannot be true to anyone else because, the one person you are always with, is YOU.


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You Are Enough. Right here, Right now, In this moment, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH!

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