Aug 27, 2023

0 YOU GIMME $2.00

I sat waiting for my sister and my mom after having my screen protector replaced on my cellphone 📱at the Oriental Centre Shopping mall in Scarborough Ontario.
. My lower back and right side was  killing me and after standing for almost an hour while my sis have her data transferred I needed to take a load off. Exiting the store I found a seating area next to the HSBC bank and deposited myself there. I quickly sent a text notifying my sis and mom where I was.  I randomly people watched as I inconspicuously did hip rotations to ease the ache. As I leaned forward to stretch out my back I noticed on my periphery a family coming towards me.  Thinking nothing of it I continued to stretch. I heard...

"My sister, excuse me, my sister." I paused and looked up, the family of 5 I'd observed earlier all stood in front of me.  

"Hi", I said.
"You give me $2 please." She asks. I looked at her and each child, a young teenager, a boy about 8-9 and a 4 years old all looking to me expectantly for $2. 

"Pardon?" I said. 
"You give me $2.00 for her," she points to the 4yr old. I looked at the mother and said 
"Give me a moment I will look, I am not sure I have."
"Thank you," she says and they all waited. A quick search yielded exactly $2. I gave it to her. 
"Thank you," she said and gave the little girl the $2 only to have the boy snatch it from her. She squealed in protest. The mother said something in Arabic and the boy quick surrenders the tuney then they all left. 

I could have said a lot. In fact, truth be told, I did, just not verbally. I looked at the mother slowly, then each child and back to the mother again holding her gaze. Life being what it is, I just left it at that.

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