Dec 6, 2021


The chosen act of Politeness

I am being polite when I say, 'excuse me' more than once when you insist on standing in the way.

I am being polite when I say, 'I am not abled' as you continuously badger me to get your way.

I am being polite when I say, 'my schedule does not allow for the opportunity to hosts guests in my home' as you attempt to pry entry with self invites to my home.

I am being polite when I say 'it's personal' when you insist on knowing my affairs.

I have allowed politeness to dictate my responses out of courtesy. However, if you insist on ingratiating yourself without discretion. Your indiscretion will be all the encouragement required to drop the politeness and say exactly what I mean ...

Get out my way!

No, I don't wish to go anywhere with you!

I don't want you in my house.

None of your damn business!

Take the hints that my polite subtlety provides, it is for your consideration. Do not wait for deliberate rudeness to prevail and the course of your humiliation to being due to your intrusive insistence.

---D.S.B.S.Rhaosody Phoenix

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