Oct 6, 2021


 Have you ever considered the value of silence?

Silence is powerful and can be weaponized depending on the context. It can be used to wound, to isolate, to perpetuate negativity, convey complicity, to build confidence, to inspire, convey respect or display quiet support. How you use "Silence" depends heavily on the character you cultivate and choice you choose when wheeling it.

Have you ever considered how have you chosen to use silence in the past? Given the opportunity in the same kind of situation and circumstance would you choose to apply it the same way for the same reason? If not, why, what has changed within you, your life, that would give you pause in applying the same silent tactic in the same way? Have you evolved into the better higher self or have you devolved into the, eye for an eye, take no prisoners, up yours ethos?

I have found that I tend to apply mindfulness thinking and reverse situational placement when it comes to to the myriad of ways I convey my silence though i certainly at times entertain the opposite. It goes something like..... 'If this were you, in  this same position with the same set of circumstances, how would you want someone's silence that is bearing witness to be conveyed on your behalf. Would you want it allocated intentionally advocational with compassion, understanding  empathy, and balanced reasoning, or wheeled in adversarial, complicit, accusatory, vengeful vindictiveness?'

Have you ever weaponized your silence? Did it benefit you?


  1. There is a time to remain silent and a time to speak out. I remain silent whenever I do not know what to say or find myself in a difficult situation. I agree that silence can be used as a weapon. There have been times when silence has been used to show displeasure.

    1. Yes, I remember as a child having that experience of my granny's silence accompanied with a look. Gave me shivers.

  2. Exactly, silence can be weaponized as part of a pattern of control and manipulation.
    However, being silent can also be used as the only means available at a given moment as a defence mechanism, as a way to stay safe and keeping a dangerous situation from escalating.

    In this context the person who usually uses it is fearful of what could happen to them if
    they speak out. I consider that silence used as a tactic to ignore the more vulnerable partner can be a form of emotional abuse. The goal of the abuser is to teach them a lesson for what the abuser perceive as a failure from their part to live up to his expectations.This tactic can leave the partner on the receiving end feeling hurt, isolated, unloved and worthless.

    1. Hmmmm, interesting perspective, silence as a "defence mechanism" to staying safe in abusive situations. Powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hmmmm, interesting perspective, silence as a "defence mechanism" to staying safe in abusive situations. Powerful. Thank you for sharing.


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