Mar 31, 2021


Food & Water time 

Plants - this plant was a office gift from a colleague I worked with in 2018 (who is now a friend). She loves plants and thought I needed one. One afternoon she came back from lunch and little walk and presented me with this small beautiful plant. I cherished it for two reasons, one the wonderful unexpected-ness of the gift for no other reason than the simple act of giving. Two, it made me realise that she listened when we talked about plants and I shared the only ones that bloom best with me.

At the height of Covid-19 when we began working from home. I had left it at the office, not realizing how long the remote work would last. The good part was that I used a 2litre bottle of water upside down in the soil that watered it for 3 week stretches. The plant sipped when it was thirsty and stayed in great health. 

One day someone from the office called to say she refilled my bottle of water and put it back in my plant as the soil was dry. I thought, oh no 😱😲😯. I had forgotten. I said thank you and made arrangements to pick it up since I had to also get a work computer. 

I brought my plant home, I apologized for leaving it alone so long and asked him where he'd like to be placed in his new home (yeah I know you'll think that's bizarre and yes I have genderize my plant 🀭). He said he'd like to be in the kitchen on the window sill, so, I placed him there and he has and continues to bloom masterfully. I have never seen leaves πŸƒ bloom so large on plants like this. The conclusion, he is ecstatically pleased with his new home.

The little acts of kindness matter. Thank you @jgregg07


  1. Replies
    1. More like a green pinkie as only certain plants grow with me. 🀭

  2. This is an evergreen plant which grow indoor as well as outdoor. Here, we called it money plant.

    1. Really! What I know to be money plant is quite different. Perhaps I'll be lucky and come into an substantial amount of money and able to maintain it, invested and have it grow and live comfortably till the Lord calls me home. 😁

  3. That's such a lovely plant! Hugs, RO


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