Nov 2, 2020


You know that old saying, "knowledge is power." Well, it's true. Yesterday, I wasn't feeling my best plus I ran out of my meds. I decided I would go to the walk-in clinic + pharmacy 5 minutes from my house, to get a small refill till I can speak with my doctor. Last I checked, the hours read Mon - Fri 10 - 7pm, Saturday 10-2pm and Sunday 10 - 1pm. I left the house at 12:15, and reached there at 12:22. 

I opened the door and to my left was a young south Asian woman. I asked, "is the clinic open?" 
"No, the clinic only opens Mondays and Thursdays." Surprised, I said, "oh, the hours on the door says Sundays 10-1pm."
"Those hours are the operating time of the pharmacy." Ah I see, good to know." 

While waiting for the pharmacist she and I got to talking about medication classifications. I shared that I didn't know there were classification for medications (naive I know). Yes she confirmed, C grade not the best, the generic brand better than average and A grade, the best top of the line. As our conversation continued she suddenly stopped and whispered, "I'm not suppose to be telling you that. The pharmacist will talk to you in a few minutes as I am not authorized." I smiled and said, no problem." I didn't want to get her in trouble so I ended the conversation.

The pharmacist finished up with the other patron, she came towards me but I paused to open and hold the door for the patron, an elderly Caucasian woman to exit as she was using a walker. I then turned to the pharmacist. I explained I ran out of my meds and my doctor in miles away in the downtown core. She gave me 4 pills so I don't missed another day. Out of curiosity I ask do they have classifications to different medications. Her prompt answer was, "no, there is no such thing, I don't know where that information came from. I just looked at her because I know she is lying because I got my information from a pharmacist + the young lady intern I spoke to just confirmed. I then asked about some other over the counter medication. I was looking for specific as I knew the price $5+tax. She showed it to me and I took it for purchase along with another complementary cream. She ran up the meds that I know is $5+tax and told me $20. I said, "excuse, um, no. The price for this product is $ 5+tax. I know for a fact as I was here about 7 weeks ago and a South Asian gentleman tried selling it to me but I told him since I have a prescription and coverage I don't need to pay, since I can get the same equivalent in 3 tablets (50mg each) which is covered instead of one tablet (150mg) that is not covered. The price he quoted me was $5+tax. How is it you are now attempting to charge me $20?"

The pharmacist looked at me, smiled and said, "let me re-check the price." Which miraculously dropped back to $5 plus tax. I just looked at her dead in the eyes. 

Choosing my battles, I chose not to touch what we both know she tried to do. I paid for my products and left. It really pissed me off that they would do that. What if it is a person with a job with no benefits i.e medical coverage or worst yet, an unemployed person or an elderly with less than basic coverage? Where has honesty and integrity gone?  

She tried to charge me 3 times the value of the product, 3 times! I mean, what the fricking fracking is going here. Had I not known the real price, I would have paid and she would have happily rip me off! God save us from greedy mongrels.

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  1. Good grief!!!! That is horrible!!! Wow! I'm still upset that they told me I was getting the High Dose Fluzone flu vaccine when it turned out to be Fluad Quad.


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