Nov 5, 2019


I am always meticulous about not standing under electrical wires. I make it a habit to look up to ensure no pigeons are poised on the wires overhead. Today however all that meticulousness did NOT serve me. I had just re-positioned myself when an inner voice said move. I moved immediately however not fast enough as I still managed to get a bit of shit on my sling purse that house my cellphone and a slight bit on my jacket. Seriously? The silver lining I suppose is that I did not get shit in my hair or on my face when I looked up. Who can guard against flying shit?

Much like life, you can't prepare for everything and even when you assumed you have it all covered the unexpected happens. The point? Be flexible and willing to deal with the unexpected.

The moral of this story is, shit is going to happen regardless, so just live your life and navigate the unexpected as best you can.

Written by D.S.B.S.Rhapsody


You Are Enough. Right here, Right now, In this moment, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH!

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