Nov 3, 2018


Today was a wonderful day. I got up late feeling rested which is a great start. I went to my medical appointment which finished relatively quick, less than 30 minutes. Not to far from the grocery store I decided to pick up a few things. 

In the grocery store I shopped mindfully cogniscent that I had no help. My intention was to pick a little-1 bag. I thought I'd done admirably well until I began to pack my recycle bag. I was wrong. Stretched before me were a couple if bags worth of groceries sitting on the conveyer belt. I found one plastic bag in my shoulder bag and the cashier gifted me with other.

Outside I called home, my daughter didn't pick up so I text her to meet me by our bus stop because I needed help. On my way to the bus stop with the groceries bags in the cart I stopped an Afro-Caribbean woman on her way to the grocery and ask her to follow me and she can have my cart. She did and we chatted. She ask how I was going to manage and I told her my daughter would meet me on the other side. I hoped.

As we parted ways and I lifted my bags took two steps and my heaviest bag broke. I gasped and looked at it on the ground. It stood with one handle torn off. I could not left from the bottom up because of my injured left hand. The Afro-Caribbean woman came back. She stopped me from attempting to move the heavy bag, asked me where I lived and offered me a ride home. She did not allow me to do anything. She took the other bags from me and told me to sit in her car. I acquiesced and sat in the car. She loaded my bags and sat in the drivers seat. As she drove I asked her name (Megan). She dropped me at my home and forbid me to touch the bags as I called my daughter. 

My daughter appeared at the door with our grocery buggy. I was surprised and hanged up. I introduced her to Megan and together they loaded our buggy. She thanked Megan for helping me. 

I thanked Megan for her kindness and gave her the biggest hug.  She was a delight, beautiful and kind. My heart was full.

It is wonderful to be the recipient of kindness.


  1. What a wonderful and uplifting post. And thank you to Megan and all the other helpers in the world. So sweet! :-)

  2. What a beautiful, kind, thoughtful soul. This is so inspiring! I'm smiling inside happy that you were so fortunate.

  3. I adore hearing about random acts of kindness and Megan seemed to in the right place at the right time to offer her assistance. So wonderful! I'm so sorry that you've hurt your hand and hope you feel better soon. Sending some HUGE cyber hugs your way! RO


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