Oct 2, 2018


It was a busy crowded morning on the subway on the last leg of my commute. Children approximately between the ages of 9-12  clustered on the bus platform for entry through the back doors. The line stretched on and curved back into the roofed part of the subway. The line for front door entry was just as long. I groaned inwardly looking ominously at the time-9:45 am, I start work at 10 am.

As we all stood in wait, we were slightly peppered by the drizzle that rode the wind. Mentally I had a conversation with God through prayer. Periodically in anxious anticipation and dread of the real possibility of being late 1 or 2 passengers gave up the wait and walked away seeking alternative means of getting to work. I took deep breaths an observed others as to not focus on the wait.

In visual pursuit of my surroundings I noticed a woman-Caucasian, late 40s to early 50s, muddy brown hair as strode confidential through the restricted area. She walked passed the warning signs that threatened a fine for trespassing and approached the man standing first in line. 

"Is this the 511 bus stand?"
"Yes," he answered.
"Thanks," she said and stood in front of him.

'Incredible' I thought as I surveyed the people around me. Some looked irritated by her bold unapologetic move. Some grumbled beneath their gums or to a person beside them while others gave her hustle steers. The bus finally pulled up opening it's doors. She boarded, confirmed with the driver the destination of the bus and promptly sat down unperturbed. 

I shook my head thinking, 'wow, she wheeled that entitlement like a pro' and no one said anything, including me. Why - I couldn't be bothered. I was more focused on reaching to work on time.


  1. Oh honestly... Sigh...
    There are those people who just don't have a clue on proper behavior and consideration.

    1. It takes all kinds.
      Makes life more interesting i suppose

  2. Shame on her! She is bold because she has got away with it all the time.


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