Aug 27, 2018


The impromptu meeting was in full swing. As I communicated the benefits of working transparently and ethically I was distracted by an incessant snip snap. I searched an located the sound.

She sat diagonal across from me. One foot hanged down the other was propped in the chair seat as she clipped her toe nails. As I attempted to stay focused on the conversation the snip snap stopped. Relieved I looked up and schooled my figures when I saw her picking her feet then biting her fingernails. She went back and forth from toenails to fingernails. I grimace internally. 

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse she began to spit the bitten pieces of fingerfingers right there as if she were in a backyard. 

My face remained neutral but in my head my face was a scowl of eeewww. She stood up and asked politely, would like some tea and cake? I smiled and answered politely, "no thank you." 


You Are Enough. Right here, Right now, In this moment, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH!

By All Means Speak Your Mind. However, Please Observe These 3 Basic Rules.

1. No form of abuse is allowed, everyone is entitled to their point of view (pov) as we all see and articulate the world differently, be respectful and speak without offending.

2. Please stay on the topic of discussion

3. Agree to Disagree

So what say you?

Note: All content here are mine unless otherwise noted. All photographs are taken by me again, unless otherwise noted.

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