May 1, 2018


Tim Hortons cheated me out of $4.80. Now I know to some $4.80 may not seem like much but trust it can go a long way (4 litre bag of milk, or 2 loafs of bread. or 5 cans of tuna or bottle of aspirin etc.).

The Current rate exchange for US money is $1.29.  That's $1.29 US equal to $1 Canada dollar ($20 US hence = 25.80 Canada dollar) thus my $20 dollars is actual $25.80.

Time Horton exchange $1.05 per Canada dollar (20 US = $21.00 Canada dollar)
None of this was communicated until upon checking my change I realized I got the capitalist shaft.
Tim Horton order:          Chicken Salad Combo      $6.99
                                          Chicken salad Sandwich  $4.69
                                                                        Tax         $1.56
                                                                        Total      $13.54
My Bill $20.00 (US)/worth $25.80             $25.80 (CDN)
Change I should have gotten:                    $12.26 (CDN)
The change I actually got                            $7.46   (CDN)
Tim Horton's value of US 20 ($21.00 Canada Dollars)
Tim Horton’s profit                                     $18.38 ($4.80 Stolen from me)

Talk about sucking it to the "Man". That’s Capitalism for yah! Never again will I spend my US dollars at tim hortons.  

 The cashier just kept apologizing when I ask when is the rate almost dollar for dollar when the US dollar is worth more than the Canadian dollar. Her response was, "I'm sorry. She made no attempt to rectify the matter since it was program into the cash and no manager was onsite.

I guess 
Lesson of the day, "never let hunger decide how you spend and where you spend."
You are your best investment, transform into your best self with emotional integrity & excellence as your inspiration. Remember: “You can inform the people you love of what you want for them but you cannot transform them into living it out.”–-Dr. Ronn Elmore


  1. I actually was just reading about this situation and was basically warned to just go ahead and change my USD to Canadian currency before I get there because each store sets their own exchange rate and will rob you blind.

    1. Yep, no standard at all they just charge what they want. you better off going to the bank

  2. Oh gee... This is good to know. I shall make sure I remember this the next time I visit Canada.

    1. Please do. You will save yourself a few dollars.


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