Nov 22, 2017


I woke up with a question lopping through my mind.
The question is can a person or persons be co-opted into behaving out of character and be willfully and ruthlessly deceptive if it benefits them? 

Part of me say yes perhaps temporarily, short-term not long-term after all Judas betrayed Jesus Christ for money although the reward was short lived as he soon regretted his actions however his regretfulness didn't stop the events he set in motion and ultimately Jesus paid the price. 

The Judas example may seem extreme but I believe it's shortest and fastest way for you to  get the gist of what am saying. I think we all know a Judas and have experienced Judas's in our lives at one  point or another. I don't necessarily believe one can be co-opted long-term into willful deceitfulness unless it is seated within ones character to be so.

To be co-opted  continually for years seems a bit convenient because there is someone else to blame thereby abdicating personal responsibility and accountability. It gives the person a personal out for being deceitfulness, for continually lying, pretending and betraying others for their own personal gain. I will go so far as to say if you can be co-opted into willful ruthlessness then you can be as easily co-opted to a false witness against an innocent because it benefits you to do so.

What are you thoughts?
Can you be continually be co-opted into deceitfulness and calculating under handed behavioral tactics if it benefits you?
Can you be bought?
What is your souls price?
What is your souls worth?


  1. I would have to say yes. Faced with certain situations, I have estimated what my price would be and determined that it wasn't that high in my opinion. Unfortunately or fortunately(depending on your point of view), the temptation never offered anything near the bargain price of my soul.

  2. Unemployed and disillusioned youths in Jammu & Kashmir, a sovereign territory and State of India, are being frequently kidnapped by Pakistani agents and taken across the border. They are then indoctrinated by a variety of methods (pamphlets/audio visual methods)until they start believing that Kashmir actually belongs to Pakistan and Indian occupation is illegal & illegitimate. They are taught to hate India and then trained in arms & weapons handling and setting off bombs. The infiltration of young minds is so convincing and effective that these youths turn into terrorists and are willing to die for the "just cause" of their nation (Pakistan)

    1. wow taken on this context I see your point. Rhoug I was not weighing in those extremes it is a valid argument as I am cognicente that this some peoples reality.

      Thank you for your balued input

  3. I like to think I cannot be bought for short-term personal gain. But I don't think I've ever been adequately tested on that score. So I would say no, because that's what I want to think about myself.

    1. Dear Jan, knowing oneself is one of the best asset one can be armed with in life, it goes a long way in helping navigate people and their complexities.

      Thamks for the insight

  4. Good food for thought.

    Using the Judas example, we all can be co-opted into acting out of character. key words: "acting out of character". Jesus knew Judas would betray Him. Christ Himself foretold this, say that Satan would enter His betrayer. If Christ own disciple can sell for 30 pieces of silver and after killed himself. Who are we that that we can't or won't be ruthless and deceptive if we benefit in the end long or short term. We do things out of character depending on our situation and thought

    1. hmmmm, I see and understand your points. Though it must be noted that not all "men" are created equal as some in the most horrorific of circumstance manage to not circum. That said not to cast judgment rather to shed light on the existence and the possibility of non surrender and non-compliance of one's true being in the most dire of circumstance. it's signifies that there is hope for us, for our souls redemption.


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