Apr 30, 2017


Today I am preparing to attend my 2nd Godson's first communion. I say second for the obvious and not so obvious reasons. I'll get to that later. I take being a Godparent seriously which is why I don't say yes often.

godparent/godparents are "suppose" take on the responsibility to, sponsor the child's baptism, assist with the child's upbringing and personal development and if God forbid, something should happen to the parent, raise the child as their own. In short, godparents are co-parents. That is a big ask, so if you're not ready to take on that responsibility please say no. Don't accept and then do nothing and your biggest presence is your non-presence.

Parents be more discriminately mindful of whom you chose to be co-parents and life advocates for your children. Think long-term, beyond this person being your "good friend" because essentially you are choosing someone to step into your role if (God forbid) you will no longer be able to.

I had lousy godparents in fact I don't even know who they are or what they look like because frankly they were never a presence in my life. Fatalistically (love that word) sad yet true my choices though slightly better were not that great either (Chuck it to youthful idealism). Of the people I chose only two really showed any real interests throughout the years by remembering birthdays etc,. The rest in all honesty were a crap shoot, which just plain came  up shit. I thought I was choosing well, boy was I wrong. One didn't even remember he had a godchild. I had to remind him. Seriously, parents out there in this big beautiful universe of ours put some real thought into this endeavor of godparenting/co-parenting advocacy because it's about your child/children future.

You're probably wondering what happened to my first godson? The obvious reason, I am here and he is in Trinidad. The not so obvious reason, his mom. When I migrated to Canada I kept in touch, writing to the mom because at the time he was 3 yrs old. She never wrote back, after a few years I gave up, that was 31 years ago. He is a man now probably with children of his own. To him, am a phathom Godparent. I resent his mom for that, though little was in my control. Too often many take on the task, sadly in name only.

I can sincerely say I am a good Godparent. I have too young godsons now, both brothers. They know me and regard me and I am there. I am not a phathom with only my absence as a non-presence and my name on the baptismal certificate the only proof I exist on "godprent-hood."

Got to run.
Have a blessed week



  1. Yes! I take being a godparent seriously too. However, the technical definition of a godparent is one who helps to nourish and foster a child's relationship with God. A godparent is under no obligation to raise the child should anything happen to the parents. That is why each child in a family has different godparents.
    I, too, did not know my godparents well. I am the last of 6 children and I think my parents were running short on people to choose from. ;) Because of that I have tried to be very thoughtful in who I picked as godparents for my children. Unfortunately, most people don't take the roll as seriously as you or I do.

    1. Its quite a shame really. Some parents who chooses to have Godparents sometimes have no siblings or parents so some are really expected to take on that roll should something happen. I am still a little sad at losing touch with my oldest godson. I try the best I can to be sure to be a presence in the other 2 lives, luckily they are both brothers so they both have me at the same time.

  2. This is wise advice for being a good Godparent, I hope parents consider this when choosing one for their children. I had a wonderful God mother, even if it was during ancient times. She was always there for me. Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom.

    Have a great week, my friend.

    1. Isn't that the most wonderful thing you can say? ""she was always there for me." simply priceless.


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