Mar 5, 2017


Life is layered and complex.
Knowing is not always KNOWing,
seeing is not always SEEing,
understanding is not COMPREHENDing.
Your vision, Your version is not everyone's vision or version
Build your vision, your foundation on truth
It will not always be accepted
It will be challenged
It will be deconstructed
Set on truth's foundation it will stand any storm
Truth is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow
A hard reality to come to terms with, to accept when it shaves against our self-imposed reality
However challenging the embracing, it's acceptance is binding as
Truth never changes no matter your position or interpretation
It is simple
Keep it simple

D.S.B.S.Rhapsody©all rights reserved


  1. I agree building a foundation on truth is the only way to go, otherwise we will not stand strong ... xox ♡

    1. Very very true. At times we are challenged with sharing our truth because we do not want to be judged

  2. Very well said, my friend. It is so true. I like the way you have broken this down to its bare essentials and presented it.

  3. Foundation built on truth is the way to go but I must say people saying the truth in our generation are so difficult to find.

    Great post as always.

    1. It certainly can be because sadly some are punished for sharing truth. A sad sad reality and a reflection on the state of our society

  4. Hey there, my friend. I'm just stopping back by to see how you're doing. I hope everything is okay. Wishing you a great "rest of the week".


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