Feb 19, 2017


Sexy - wineWe all know that sex sells and if you have ever watched television, read advertisement on posters, stores, magazines and listen to the radio you know exactly what I mean. Sex for profit has taken new heights. I am speaking with regard to alcohol, more specifically, wines. Since early 2000s there's been a growing trend associating sex with wine.  The titaling usage of sex now in your face bold, crude and rude. It’s usage has become the “Norm”. We are now in an age of the unapologetically bold willfully erasing barriers and in some case blowing it to thy kingdom come. Modesty, discretion, a thing of the past. Now alcohol is "SEXY" literally and figuratively.
The implication that alcohol is “sexy” resembles the cigarettes adverstisment back in the day before nicotine addiction and lung CANCER rared its ugly head as a consequence. Make money now consequences be dammed seems to be the motto. Wine companies have now taken a page from the oldest sex trade - prostitution with suggestive labels that leave absolutely no doubt at its meaning pimping it out to the masses with cleverly crafted innuendo advertisement, titilating the carnal pallette.
While I am cognisant that the concept of sex in adverstiment to make money is not entirely new, it is a bit jarring.  Perhaps that is the point, to be intentionally provocative? I say this not to put a carboch on free speech and all that. Nor am I saying that I do not take an occassional drink. I am saying that accountability and responsibility should not be negated for profit.
  We live in very interesting times where pursuing the liquor store can have you browsing the isles with labels such as:
·        Sexy
·        The sexy bomb
·        Fifty Shades
·        Two Hands "Sexy Beast"
·        Prisoner
·        Blindfold
·        Complicated
·        "The Other"
·        Fourplay
·        Menage a trois
·        Sexual chocolate
·        You fuck my wine?
·        Promiscuous
·        Temptation
·        Bush (slogan "taste the bush")
·        Arse
Oh and let's not forget a little misogyny
·        Bitch
·        Birthday Bitch
·        Sassy Bitch
·        Royal Bitch
Interesting times indeed...
Your thoughts?
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