Jun 6, 2017

18 Betrayal services many purposes

freedomWhen we are first betrayed by ones we trusted we are consumed with hurt followed quickly by self-recrimination blaming ourselves for our poor choice, for not seeing or paying attention to the signs that signaled this person or persons are not trust worthy. It impacts our trust not only in others, it also impact our trust in ourselves and doubt comes in and seats itself comfortably in the psyche. Thus we become afraid, afraid to say too much, afraid to invest too much and afraid of getting too close so much so that we obscure or just plain forget the lessons betrayal brought with it. While we should indeed exercise more caution and mindfulness we should not forget the lessons. Lessons like paying attention to the signs that tell us when we are being lied to, the warnings when there “slip of the tongue” incidences indicate that you should not lay down your confidences even if you are feeling burden and need someone to confide in (find a therapist) or when we get so caught up in our “need” that we blind ourselves to the what IS in preference of “what could be” in other words allowing ourselves to get lost in our desires and needs so much so at times that we render ourselves deaf, dumb and (partner the bluntness), stupid.


The next time you experience a betrayal pay attention to the lessons. Sure, feel hurt and all that comes with it, just don’t get lost in it as the betrayal serves mulitiple purposes. It serves as a guide to you, on your behalf informing you on what to do, what not to do and when best to exercise mindfulness. Most of all it is a lesson that demands that we trust ourselves and our core instincts when it is screaming up through our being and not deliberately side stepping, denying, ignoring and indulging in self-manipulative practices that render us into obtuse blindness.


Do not allow past poor decisions, failures, hurts and disappointments cause you to abandon yourself and submit your will to those that will trample upon it.


The Blessed Divine granted you, yes YOU the privilege of free will and choice do not surrender it to anyone and don’t just give it away. The price for such lack of self-care is very high.

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