Feb 13, 2016


She stood silently inside the bus platform to the side of little the convenience shop selling its coffee and snacks. Her hands pulling down her blouse tautly against her chest, her eyes fixed there.  She straightened pulled down her blouse more and stuck her chest out examining it more closely. I watched her with a smile on my face. Lost in her adolescent worry she was completely oblivious to those around her. She looked to the left side of her chest, paused as if in conversation as to why there is no indication of breasts blooming. She sighed dramatically then turned to the right side of her chest surveying as she did the left seemingly to search again for any small sign of a bump, something signifying the ushering of breasts. So intent in her investigation she did not here her parent calling. She stood there for a few moments more gazing almost pleadingly at her chest. I can almost see the internal “self-talk” happening. She sighed again in pubescent worry and flung her hands outwardly to her side in a gesture of hopeless surrender.  I smiled thinking, ‘She is so impatient for puberty to begin.’ She looked no more than 12.

He walked around casually in the subway “Gateway To Go” convenience stall. He asked a question to one of the employee then continues to walk around. Pants riding low just under his bottom he manages a slow gait reminiscent of a penguin as he visually pursued the array of snacks. He looked gauging the employees’ alertness, walked around to where the Maltesers, Nibs and Skittles were. He pocketed a pack of Skittles shoving it way down in his back pocket riding low on his upper leg, walks back casually to inside by the coffee/tea spoke to an employee then turn and left the store without a backward glance. A thief’s MO (mode of operation) all for skittles.

She pushes the stroller into the bus running over a woman’s foot. She drives it further in running over a gentleman’s foot. She leaves the bus backing up on another person’s foot and then moving forward driving over an elderly woman’s feet who cried out in pain giving her an angry mutinous look, she leaves without looking up, without apology. 
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