Oct 17, 2015

8 Let not your heart be consumed by troubles

There is beauty even when times are cloudy and dark . Trouble does not erase ones beauty nor does it dim your light though it may feel that way. You magnificence will triumph even as the murkiness of trials threaten to consume. 

Just remember the presence of tribulation does not mean the absence of beauty and light, they coexists as the sun, the moon and the stars share the sky. 

Let not your heart and light be consumed by your challenges rather let them be a reminder that betters days are always ahead. Choose to be happy in spite of it all.
Rain clouds descend (2)Rain clouds descend (3)Rain clouds descend (4)Rain clouds descend (5)Rain clouds descend
I took these photos standing in the same place from different angles, East, West, North, South each tell a different story about the climate of the evening, each equally true. It is about perspective. Sometimes you got to look at life from a different angle while standing in the same position.

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