Sep 5, 2015

17 Eyebrow Pencil Robbery - NYC Kohl Brow / Eyeliner Pencil

I haven’t purchased brow/eyeliner from stores for years as I have a very specific brand that I use IT Cosmetics “Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil.” I order from the shopping channel here in T.O (Toronto). Why you may ask, well I have a very unique hair/eyebrow color, it’s not black per say but it’s not brown either it’s kind of in between, an ash black (that’s my description) which makes it challenging to match. IT Cosmetics “Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil,” gives me a flexibility most brow liners don’t. It allows me to build the shade to an exact match, it’s fabulous. It is by no means cheap thus I wait for the “show stopper” sales and buy in bulk, unfortunately I missed a few “show stoppers” and ran out. Hence my foray into stores in search of an eyebrow pencil substitute that will do temporarily. After much deliberation and a chat with the Cosmetician I purchased NYC KOHL BROW / EYELINER PENCIL #922 Dark Brown.

In all honesty the NYC KOHL BROW / EYELINER PENCIL #922 Dark Brown worked well though not my Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil, as it took much more finesse, time and patience but it did a decent job. So what is my peeve with NYC KOHL BROW / EYELINER PENCIL #922 Dark Brown you’re thinking?

NYC EMPTYMy peeve is give me what I pay for, don’t sell me a 6 for a 9, to my shock and horror almost have of the pencil was EMPTY! Yes EMPTY! At first I thought it was my sharpener breaking the pencil points so I kept sharpening but by the time I had sharpened a good bit off I thought nah something’s not right. I looked to see if there were color pencil smudges in the sharpener as it usually does when the pencils breaks off, nothing. Puzzled I began sharpening again, nothing. Confused I started looking around thinking well maybe the color fell out; I searched the floor, the counter top, nothing. I thought, ‘what the hell,’ then I looked inside the pencil and discovered nothing, nothing! It was hollow; I could play it like a flute! Bloody hell, I was pissed because I had no other backup since this was my back up. What to do, I had no option than to go without defined eyebrows. Now some of you would say, well what’s the big deal, and my answer would be the big deal is I got ripped off! Oh am not loss on going without the define eyebrow look though I love it but I work hard for my money and don’t relished being duped. What did I do you may ask?

I returned with the empty remains to the Shoppers Drug Mart store where I purchased the NYC KOHL BROW / EYELINER PENCIL #922 Dark Brown and spoke to the Cosmetician manager (lovely woman), who was gracious enough to give me a free NYC KOHL BROW / EYELINER PENCIL #922 Dark Brown. So am using that, I figure if this one turns out to be half empty as well then between the two it will make one full size pencil it should have been.  Outside the absence of color a little more than half way through, which was flipping annoying, I did like how it applied.  Which begs the question.

Will I buy NYC KOHL BROW / EYELINER PENCIL #922 Dark Brown again? Truth? I don’t know. I have trust issues now. I want to say, “Hell to the bloody no, no, no!” Why? It’s a matter of trust, for no other reason than I cannot trust that I am getting what I pay for. They should have a system of checking, quality control if you will. If I wanted half a pencil I would have purchased half a pencil and not the full size.

I have other pencils I have used in the past that I have sharpened to the end and they still had color up to the last. Some I only stopped using because they were just too dark or I could no longer sharpen because it was so tiny! Now that’s my money’s worth!Bonne Bell vs NYC Up pencil view

Below is the full size of the NYC KOHL BROW / EYELINER PENCIL #922 Dark Brown. The smaller pencil is the same and I have sharpened away half an inched before i realized it was simply empty. The other photos is a comparison to another pencil I had used years ago.


Again here are more comparisons below.


Bonne Bell vs NYC last portions

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