Jun 23, 2015

20 Toilet Restaurant–Would You Eat Out of A Toilet?

Modern toilet taipei

The Modern Toilet is a three story bathroom theme restaurant in Taipei Taiwan. Yes I wrote toilet. I was watching a show, THE TOP MOST WEIRDEST RESTAURANTS where they feature strange and unusual   restaurants across the world. This one had my mouth gaping in amazement.

The seats are actual toilets, the tables are bathtubs and the drinking cups are bedpans and urinals. Food is served in mini toilets and the ice-cream is swirled to resemble loads of shit served in pee basin. All I could say watching the expose unfold was wow that is seriously thinking outside the box.

Inside Modern toiletSharing the new and strange….

The next day I shared info on “The Modern Toilet” with my eldest daughter as we often discuss unusual happenings and her, first she stared at me as if I were an alien beamed down from out of space with 3 heads and 15 eyeballs. She then ICECREAMproceeded to grunt inaudibly between clearly decipherable “intelligent” descriptive such as, “eewww,” “yuck,” “gross.” When I presented her with photographic proof of the food delivered in bathroom themed utensils (urinals, bedpans, pee basins, toilets) and poo shaped ice cream her most communicative expletive delivery came in the form of “Am done!” as she showed me her back and walked away saying, “disgusting.”

I guess it’s safe to say she’s not a fan (and I thought she was the adventurous type) what say you? Would you dine in this restaurant if you are in Taipei Taiwan and sit on toilet bowls and eat your foods out of mini toilets and drink out of urinals?

food in toilet bowlsurinal cupsyellow toilet food bowl


Credit Acknowledgement:

Since I’ve never been to this restaurant I had to source all my pictures from the internet, none of these photos are mine. Poo ice-cream from http://wierdestrestaurants.blogspot.ca/, urinal cup and restaurant sign from http://ontrip.dk/modern-toilet-restaurant-taipei-taiwan%e2%80%8f/, yellow toilet bowl from http://www.nsmbl.nl/, inside Modern Toilet from vsesosedi.blogspot.com

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