Apr 27, 2015


blackstone greenleaveLearn to forgive, not for the sake of those that hurt you, betray you and trespass against you, learn to forgive for the sake of the self, YOUR SELF, for your emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual self/begin so you can heal and live a full life.

I am not saying it is easy. I am saying YOU are worth the work it will take to let go of all that toxic rubbish in order to live fully.

Do not surrender your power by holding tight to anger and bitterness it will only ensure you become fragmented and tormented to the detriment  of your self, your joy, your happiness, your peace of mind, your contentment

Each journey begins with a first step, with each step you create your own path.

Do not  allow yourself to be hostaged by other people’s choices for which you have no control.

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