Mar 17, 2015


I have this little phobia about dark drinks where you are not able to see straight through to the bottom. If I cannot see the bottom of it, I don’t want it. The only other alternative is a glass. I will pour it into a glass and examine the bottom of the bottle or can before consuming it. Think am paranoid after reading about my phobia well not me. I have learnt that some healthy paranoia can go a long way. Don’t believe me, read on and you tell me.

Today I was in the grocery store next to my house just perusing the isles for specials when I encountered a Caucasian couple standing by the soft drinks area. As i stood checking the fruits I overheard their conversation. They were discussing the best selection of soft drinks. Some reading this will say none as soft drinks have no nutritional value but hey people will choose what they will choose that is the beauty of freedom of choice. But I digress.  

Where was i? Oh yeah, they were engrossed in the discussion of pop selection when I heard the husband say, “no, absolutely not. I don’t want anything dark, we can take the cream soda, sprite, gingerale, or 7 up but I don’t want any coke and I especially don’t want Pepsi.” The wife nodded her head.

pepsiAs I was proceeding past them the husband looked at me and said. “If I can’t see the bottom I don’t want it.” To which I answered, “You preaching to the choir, am the same way.” He then elaborated by saying, “last month I bought a 6 pack of Pepsi and two had shit in it. I stopped abruptly immediately grimacing as he continue to express his conviction, “I will NEVER, NEVER, EVER drink a Pepsi again, or pick up a drink where I cannot see the bottom of it.”

Taking my leave I said bye to the couple and grimace again as a shiver ran through my body. I shook my head to rid my mind of the image, of course it didn’t work as  I kept thinking ‘eeewwwww’ while chanting in my head, ‘oh yuck, yuck, I didn’t need to know that, ahhh!' I didn’t need to know that, yuck,’ as i bemoaned, ‘now I can’t UN-know.’

So call me paranoid if you like. I will proudly wear the banner.  in case you were wondering, yes I pour clear drinks in a glass before drinking if it comes in a can where I cannot see to the bottom.

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