Feb 28, 2015


Oswald Gould, Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class on Angel Duty now.
We called him Ossie, my cousin. Today makes it one week since he has passed, gone on heaven ways leaving us to cope with his absence and find a way to move forward regardless. The world marches on without missing a beat, time not stopping just kept on ticking. Some days I go on without a hiccup. Some days I stop feeling like I have been slammed into a wall and I can’t breathe and I have to sit down.
Oswald (Ossie)
Oh cous, you will be missed. You were well loved, though at times like all of us you probably didn't always feel it as much when the family dynamics came into play. That's life; we all have our story to tell on that score.
I was the baby in my branch of the family but among all 9 of us kids Ossie was the baby. He was very handsome. God sure did take his time moulding him from beginning to end. He got the lion's share of masculine beauty plus that of the guy behind him in line, the guy in the middle of the line and the guy at the end of the line. He was cute as all get out. A gift I think at the times he felt was more of a curse than a blessing because whenever we had events Ossie use to have to hide from girls because they literally plastered themselves on him (I kid you not) while others flock to him like bees to honey. It was hilarious to see the “help me” look skitter across his face as he anxiously span the crowd looking for Tantie Jacqueline (his mom). My dear sweet handsome cousin was terrified. We all laughed at his expense of course kids being kids but he was seriously scared. He would run behind Tantie Jacqueline to hide sometimes begging her to protect him and keep him safe. When I think of those days I smile as I am smiling now.
Fast forward eons later, he the grown man, me the grown woman, living worlds apart. We managed to keep a connection through long phone conversations and mini texts back and forth, it wasn’t ideal but, it’s what family does, make the effort to say connected.
If you are reading this cous, yeah am talking to you, (don’t be rolling your eyes at me) thought you were gonna get a break huh, right! You keep dreaming buddy, you are not off the hook mister sweet delight, you are on angel duty now so check in, stay connected and lemme know what’s ahead when I hit a blind spot.
Love you much,
Hitting it straight from the hips not letting it slip, yeah I know, corny as hell but you loved me that way, gotta keep it one hundred as per usual…..
I admired your courage through the battle of stage 4 Nasopharyngeal Cancer.  You fought valiantly and surpassed all the limitations and boundaries they gave you.
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