Dec 21, 2014


Got it. I struggled to to capture this sunset as the darkening sky threaten to do away with it. Captured from a moving bus in Mississauga Ontario. Love it, although at the time I wished I could remove the bus window so I could get a clear crisp view. See what I saw, enjoy.


I am thankful for the opportunity today to experience the beauty of this sunset. It was unexpectedly wonderful and I fumbled in my bag for my camera and then it didn’t work! I turned it off and turned it back on—nothing, I took out the SD card and reloaded it then turned it on again—I got an error message. Desperate I once again removed the card, reloaded it and turned on the camera again, and wahla! It finally it bloody work! I though I would run out of sunset between the zooming bus and the fading light however I managed capture it.

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