Nov 21, 2014


I love taking photos and any opportunity i get i take a picture. This day was no exception. At our office we have a magnificent view however to my horror (that’s me being dramatic-queue the music) it is marred by glass that prevents me from taking a great photo without my reflection showing up in it. Today however no such barrier exists as i found a window without a glass or mesh blockage and what do i do, yep, I took pictures, granted i would have preferred to use my DSLR camera but my compact will do in a pinch. I got high noon shots and evening/night shots of the same landscape. Click on the photo for larger view. Don’t worry it won’t move you from this page rather it will open in its own page.



View from South view onto the Lake in Toronto near College & Bathurst SAM_5532
SAM_5502 SAM_5528
SAM_5516 SAM_5536
SAM_5514 SAM_5534
photos by D.S.B.S.Rhapsody© Scene landscape Toronto facing south toward lake from Bathurst/College
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