Aug 16, 2014


Don't ask if you cannot handle the truth.
Often times we say we want the truth but are unprepared and ill equipped to deal with the consequences of truth revealed.
Unless you are really willing to truly listen and hear the truth as it stands, not as would like it to be, framed specifically to seat you comfortably but as it IS, raw, unencumbered by pretty words sugar coated to spear your feelings, do not ask for honesty.
Truth is truth, no matter how you flip it, or script it, it is unchanging.
If you ask for the truth, be prepared to deal with the reality knowing brings.

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  1. You said it sister!! Have a great day!!

  2. Richard aka DaddioAugust 16, 2014 at 11:16 PM


    I’ll take honesty over clandestine politeness ANY ol’ day. But honesty that is unpleasant IS nicest when it appears at times when we’re prepared/settled enough for such news.

    Now I guess you’re gonna lay some honest facts on me that’ll curl my toes, right? haha

    Your friend,

    Richard aka Daddio

    1. Ah "clandestine politeness" a political UP YOURS i'd say, too much bloody pretending.

      hmmmmm.....there are some truths one can never prepare for but must a face none the less.'s an honest fact: You are a blessing.....

  3. Quite True Rhapsody
    Have a great week.
    Hugs Sheila

    1. Thanks Sheila, i trust your week is going well?

  4. Well said Rhapsody!
    Don't ask, if you can't take it!

    1. You said it Dawn......truth is at times a bitter pill to swallow.

  5. A lot of people are so not ready to hear the truth and constantly demand to hear it.

    Post on point.

  6. Word. If You Can`t Stand The Heat,Don`t Enter The Kitchen.

    Been MIA for a Min. Back now, Do have a lovely weekend Rhapsody. :)

    1. ah ha! Leave it to you to use the appropriate euphemism to make the point.

      Sometimes being MIA is necessary.

      Peace Darling

  7. I concluded a long time ago that sometimes people just want to hear what they are thinking but with a different voice


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