Aug 5, 2014


“Life is filled with many unexpected turns thus we must adapt and cultivate some of the characteristics of the willow tree so that we not only survive but thrive gracefully.D.S.B.S Rhapsody


Have you ever noticed how a sunset always manages to look beautiful no matter the weather?


Have a blessed and joy filled week.

D.S.B.S.Rhapsody©All rights reserved.


  1. Love your Beautiful Sunsets Rhapsody so very true.
    Hope your week is being kind to you. x

    1. Blessings and thank you....
      It is to a degree yes.

  2. Favourite times of the day...sunset and sunrise. Love your images and the quote. Your images remind me of a poem of mine titled 'Sisi' which has those images words:) Hope you're having a lovely week.

    1. Mine to, only i get to experience more sunsets than sunrises.
      A blessed week to you as well.

  3. I love your beautiful Sunsets Rhapsody! I has Vans should be equipped with weather with specialized forecasting related topics! Tornado touring basics.
    Most stom-chasing tours six-10 days long and most be booked months in advance. Computers with specialized forecasting softweare!
    I did noticed a sunset always maneges to look beautiful with me.
    Your has a lovely week.

  4. Life realities more sunrises.
    A serse of humor is defintitely needed.there are soe many realities to getting older one has to find a way to smile or depression will sink in.
    my daughter won't always be around and I belilve in self-suffciency.
    it is a good lesson in appreciating oneself and not taking for granted.

  5. Your sky photos are just spectacularly gorgeous. Life does present lots and lots of twists and turns. You do have to adapt or break.

    1. That's true, you have to adapt thats for sure.

  6. Love, love, love the sunsets. They are absolutely amazing. Evening time with the setting sun is one of my favorite times of the day (sunrise is the other). I always enjoy partaking of your gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing them.


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