Jul 17, 2014


needle & threadAging…

Needle and thread

I remember as a child mommy calling me


“Yes mommy?”

“Thread this needle feh meh nah, ah cah see to do it meh self.”

About a month ago I woke my daughter at 7 am, apologetic and pleading


“Yes mom?”

“Thread this needle feh meh nah, ah cah see to thread it meh self.”

This morning…

Necessity requiring thinking outside the box,

I successfully threaded a needle with the aid of needle threadera magnifying glass


Needle threader required


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, gurl it so real, imagine me trying to thread a needle with a magnifying glass, such a sad reality. "at least I can still see, though not to thread a needle...haha"

  2. Hi Rhapsody yes I remember when my Mum used to ask to thread a needle. This post took me back to those days. were those threaders around in the 50's ?
    Hope you are having a good day .
    Sheila x

    1. Yeah those threaders has been around for decades, i just never had a need for one till now! life realities.

  3. Exactly. Though I am of a certain age and can't thread a needle to save my life, I loved this. It is so on (needle) point.

    1. love the pun....
      its such a basic thing and such a wake up call to realize, danggggg....i can't see to thread ah needle?

  4. Rhapsody I think this is my favorite post you have written. It was short and to the point. A brilliant entry! I wish I could think of something to write about and make it short and sweet and to the point as you did. Yes I remember my mother saying that to me. I of course am now in that same boat. I guess you have to take aging with a sense of humor. It's certainly the better alternative to being dead.
    As the other commenters have said, I too loved this post.
    Wish I had written it.

    1. favorite post huh, why thank you, I'll take that as modestly as I can.

      Yeah a sense of humor is definitely needed. There are some many realities to getting older one has to find a way to smile or depression will sink in!.

  5. You have done it again, my friend. You nailed this one with just a few short words. Mama didn't sew, so she never needed a needle threaded. I learned (self-taught) to sew and remember well when this first happened to me.

    I didn't have a magnifying glass handy, so I got myself really close to a bare 100-watt light bulb and placed a piece of white paper behind the eye of the needle. Soon after that, I bought myself a needle threader AND a magnifying glass.

    Ooohhhh, the memories you have stirred today. Have a great weekend, dear Rhapsody!

    1. Thank you....
      Well i have to remember to get me a threader because my daughter won't always be around and I believe in self-sufficiency.

  6. Lol
    Just like reading glasses, we might need an intervention of some needle threading glasses soon


    1. hmmmmm......well
      threader and magnifying glass will have to do till then.

  7. this post reminds me of my days in india. my mom would also ask me to thread the needle. i so miss doing those little things for my mom. definitely a magnifying glass is a useful tool for this job :) nice blog!

    1. Blessings and thank you Archana. Yes the process of aging and its impact on our bodies is a good lesson in appreciating oneself and not taking anything for granted.

  8. It's best to laugh about it...age catches up with us all if we're lucky to live long long enough. Since I turned 40, I've noticed the slow (and hopefully not so steady) decline in physicality but more wealth in wisdom. From your post, it's obvious wisdom will trump physicality anytime.


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