May 15, 2014


Today as I looked out my office window and to my surprise there were police squad cars, armed truck, EMT ambulance, special dog services vehicles, and the emergency tasks force unit. The streets were blocked off to stop the flow of traffic. Special tasks force officers dressed in full battle gear, armed with semi-automatic machine guns raised in ready to shoot motion SAM_5050patrolled the streets single file. Guns raised and attack dogs by their side as they searched the side streets for the suspect(s). From my vantage point at my office window I looked on as the crowd of spectators grew. CBC news reporters and videographer arrived and set up to report SAM_5054the story. My stomach growled hungrily reminding me i haven’t eaten. Picking up my bag I left for lunch. I took out my camera as I passed by and took pictures. Fancying myself an amateur investigator I began to inquire from observing  pedestrians what had happened. I kept a safe distance from the scene in the event gun fire broke out I could safely SAM_5053make a sweet unobstructed exit.  I learn there was a bank robbery. Someone had robbed the BMO (Bank Of Montreal) at 568 College Street (in Toronto little Italy) and they were searching for the suspect(s) that fled the scene.

It was scary because we didn’t know anything, it was only staff coming back from lunch or looking out the window knew something was happening. It would have been great if they had a system in place to notify the surrounding buildings in the area where the searches were being conducted so people can exercise caution when moving through the area.

Back in the office I combed the internet for the breaking news….nothing. When I got home I channel surfed all the news channels listening and hoping to hear the report on the robbery….nothing. I searched the internet again (Yahoo News) and still nothing. If I didn’t have the photographs of some of what was happening I would think it was my overactive imagination playing tricks on me.

All that drama is simply too close for comfort. The world sure is becoming a scary place.


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