Apr 17, 2014

10 ...Entitled...

I am entitled to all you can do for me

It doesn’t matter if it seats you uncomfortably

Fulfilling my every need is your destiny

Frankly speaking, everything damn thing is about me

You are required to give without question

No need to fight or threaten insurrection

I am simply here to provide direction by satisfying your need for external validation

It is the perfect synergy of reciprocity

You give

I take

D.S.B.Rhapsody(c) All rights reserved.

Shortened revised version


  1. Very interesting. Great stuff your writing. I love it, so unique! peace, love & light always my friend.

    1. thank you......
      I accept the peace love and light.
      right back atcha..

  2. Fascinating, pretty artistic poetry…Your own? Bet it is, and CONGRATS!

    1. It is absolutely mind.
      it is the shorten version....
      Thank you, coming from a teacher that is quite the compliment

  3. This is a good one! (blog of yours). I came by to say thanks for visiting and got the pleasure of reading this. I oughtta print it out and hand it to people who are like that!!! My teacher son would like it..he’d probably hand it to 2/3′s of his students.

    1. Thank you......
      unfortunately the world is filled of the "entitled"

  4. Ugghhhh! People with this attitude just annoy the heck out of me

    1. right.....
      Life, it takes all kinds.
      Happy Easter

  5. Did you say reciprocity? I was searching for it in the beautiful poem!!!
    Happy Easter.Have a great day tomorrow

    1. hmmmmm....indeed i did.
      thank you
      Happy Easter to you as well.


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