Dec 23, 2013


The ice storm, its my first in 28 years, over 613, 000 people impacted by the lose of electricity including me. Some won't get power back until after Christmas.
My Story, 26 hours with no electricity, no heat and no ability to prepare meals. 
toronto icestorm 2013 (8)
1½ hour before the blackout: December 22nd, 2013
12:30 am:
I had just managed to drag my sick body out of bed. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything substantial except for a few cashews and two 500 ml bottles of water. A search for sustenance yielded some leftovers-slice of bread, cheese and some pineapples, not the ideal but enough to fill the hole as I had no strength to cook (had I known what was coming I would have cooked!).
2:00 am:
Power outage, no lights, no heat, it’s a blackout. I’ve experienced brief power outages, no biggie, so I think. I play computer games and versions of solitaire – FreeCell, Spider and the original.
3:00 am:
I am tired of the games and getting worried as my apartment is getting cold, still no lights, and no heat.
5:00 am:
I called the Super, she says, “it’s a total blackout and not sure when things will be back on.” Translation, with parts of Toronto, Scarborough, Brampton and Mississauga without lights or heat chances of a quick resolve is not likely to happen. I sit in prayer first thanking the Lord for keeping the temperature low so that it is not murderously freezing, and then asking that he maintain the current temperature or make it warmer.
9:00 am:     
The apartment is really cold now. I get up and put on a pants and went to the bathroom, the oil lamp had burnt itself out. I continue my prayer that the temperature remains steady so we can abide while they repair. I slid back under the covers.
11:00 am:   
Received a text from my youngest daughter warning about conditions outside, “I hope you don’t have to go out, it’s an ice rink out there! I answered, “No I am sick, plus no electricity, no heat, power outage.” At this point my stomach is fed up being ignored and began a litany of noises that soon provoked me into rising. I drank another bottle of water, had a few more cashews nuts and set off to satisfy my curiosity about outside. Sure enough everything is covered in ice; the walkway, the railings, the sidewalk, the trees, and the streets are slick with it. Fascinated I took some photos.
toronto icestorm 2013 (16)
toronto icestorm 2013
toronto icestorm 2013 (17)
12:00 pm:
I am back in bed. Youngest daughter texts back, “must be all this ice, I can see an ice forest from out my window, must have taken down a power line.” I text back, “yeah, sick, freezing, no electricity, no heat, no food, weeee fun.” Did you catch the sarcasm? Radio announced, “The blackout is expected to last 72 hours, Toronto Hydro is working hard to restore power, and the mayor may declare it a state of emergency. If you do not have to go out please do not, do not drive, do not stand under trees as they are breaking and you may not always get a warning or be fast enough to get out of the way.” Wow I thought, ’72 hours’ means till Christmas.’ Notice I didn't touch the rest that’s another discussion for another time.
toronto icestorm 2013 (2)
3:00 pm:     
There is still no electricity, no heat, and am coughing up a lung and blowing my brains out in a tissue. I asked my eldest to deliver my Godson’s cake, you know she was not happy with me, not that I blamed her; she was exhausted and not enamored with me at that moment but she delivered. I am grateful. Birthday party by candle light, yeah, to bad I got to miss it. I don’t think anyone would appreciate me coughing up a lung or two on them so I stay home.
5:30 pm:    
It’s been 15½ hours without electricity or heat. My daughter brings me two slices of cold bread, some tuna and a green tea bag in a 1.5 litre bottle of water. I thank her, made a tuna sandwich, break it in half and wrap the other half for later. The house is still cold but blessedly not any colder than before. I choke down the half a tuna sandwich, drink some water and wait for my green tea in room temperature water to draw.
9:30 pm:      
Its pitch black and cold in my room, the obvious is still true, no electricity and no heat. I light the candle. The apartment is quiet. I peek in on my eldest who managed to get warm enough to fall asleep. My youngest texts, “any power yet? How’s my sister? You have soup or something? You can go to Tim Horton’s, just stay away from the trees and it’s all good.” I text back, too sick, no electricity, no heat, businesses cannot operate, everything is closed, got something to eat, going to bed.” I blow out the candle and laid there.
December 23rd 2013
4:00 am:      
There is a knock on my bedroom door; my eldest comes in excitedly not waiting for a response turning on the light to show me that the power is restored. She asks anxiously, “where is your mask, where is your mask,” I pointed to it, she hands it to me I put it on, she hooks me up to the machine with much relief in her voice, turns off the light and backs out the room. She’s been checking on me periodically, I know because every so often I would here my door open. The power is restored, the heat is on, my home is warm again, I can prepare meals again, I am not 100% but getting there. I am blessed. Thank God. As for outside well, a picture is word a thousand words, see for yourself.
 toronto icestorm 2013 (18)


  1. Sounds like a nightmare. Hope you're feeling better soon. Thankful, the power is back on. hope you have a lovely Christmas, sista.

    1. Yes, glory to God, I have power, though so many still are without over 300,000. Mercy it was not easy. I have a friend still going through it. I told her to come to my place.


  2. Aww, sorry about your experience. We don't know how important some basic amenities are until we have them taken from us.

    Did it affect the whole of Toronto?

    1. Toronto and beyond, over 613, 000 people/families without electricity, heat and available means to prepare meals.

  3. Being a resident of a tropical country,I wonder how you people manage to live in such cold conditions and how people commute.The pictures especially the snow flakes falling are beautiful.

    1. the thing about survival is adaptation, we adapt, we do what is required to live.

  4. Oh dear! I'm so sorry you had to go through all that when you're sick. That is just plain awful. I'm so glad you got power back. Ice storms are pretty when it turns everything to crystal, but they can cause havoc. No fun. I'm wishing the rest of your holiday will be happier and healthier.

    1. Pretty to look at and it makes for fabulous photographs not to live through however, they are quite frightening.

  5. Hello,

    I am very sorry to read this. I am also surprised that this is happening in an advanced country. Surely they must have other means of back up power supply. This is too bad. Living in a place with moderate climate where we don't see extremes in climate, I am terribly frightened of the cold that you are experiencing. I hope this serious problem will be sorted out before Christmas.

    My prayers and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas. Joseph

    1. Ha! Modern countries are no exception trust me, they have many here only this one is lasting longer than most. Power is being restored grid by grid, some unfortunately have to wait longer than some. Others even longer - not until after Christmas and with the freezing weather pipes within the houses can burst when there is no heat. Toronto Hydro is working very hard, many men and women are braving the cold to ensuring power restoration.

  6. Wow! W e had a similar situation a few days ago except we were lucky that the temperature spiked 20 degrees above freezing the next day and all the ice was gone. Glad you got your power back on. It's always the worst in the winter. I love your pictures. Winter shots look especially good in black and white. I hope you are recovering and thank you for the Christmas greeting. Merry Christmas to you.

    1. Blessings and Merry Christmas...
      Yeah my sis is there and she was boasting about going out in sandals.

  7. The pictures the ice storm are awesome & stunning but the results destructive and devastating. Power outage is terrible. But nevertheless enjoy the Christmas. Merry Christmas..

    1. Sometimes beauty can be destructive.
      I will thanks.
      Many happy returns.

  8. Hi Rhapsody.. I do wish things get fine for your loved ones soon there...
    Though I have to admit the beautiful white pictures deceive one to believe that it must be lovely and scenic out there!

    1. Blessings....
      As in life there is always more to the story than what first appears.

      Welcome and thank you for coming.

  9. awwwwwwwww... that really sounded like an awful experience. Thank God the power is back. Hope you feeling much better.

    Regardless of what happened at the start of your holidays, do have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014. Stay healthy and blessed :)

    1. I am feeling better thank you.
      The experience was quite an experience, makes one see mortality and not take anything for granted.

      Many happy and healthy returns.

  10. I tried to leave you a comment the first time I read this but there was something strange going on. I came back to check on you . . . I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better and really happy to know that you are warm.

    I hope you had a wonderful and Merry Christmas.

    1. Blessings and thank you. I am feeling much much better. I was able to go and get some groceries etc.

      Yes I was attempting to use this other commenting application only it didn't show to the very top the amount of comments + i forgot i had to go to that place and moderate my comments and yadda yadda yadda, in the end it felt like more trouble than it was worth and it didn't integrate seamlessly as I'd hoped. The idea is to have things work smarter not create more work, so I axed it.

      Thank you for checking up on me. My Christmas was quiet and a blessing considering that 75,000 people are still without electricity, heat and food.

  11. The photos are beautiful but I reading about your experience takes me back to the ice storm we experience several years ago and I know it's no fun when the electricity is out. Glad you made it through and that you're feeling better.

    1. Yes all praises to the almighty, i am fine and feeling much better.
      Thank you for asking.

  12. I trust you are much better. God is your strength.

    Colmpliments of the season

    1. I am all praises to the Almighty.
      Same to you, all the best this New Year

  13. ooii! thsse pics are making me shiver :P

    we are also having a cold wave in Northern India...but such a biting cold is too much to handle !!

    1. lol, lol blessings and welcome.
      What can you do but bare it and survive it? The Lord is good.

  14. Oh my Goodness I am so sorry to hear you had to go through this Rhapsody, being ill to . Thank goodness the heat came back and the power restored.
    The Photo's are truly amazing , those icicles. I remember seeing these when I was child, many years ago.
    Mum used to hang out washing , and dads shirt's where stiff as a board.
    Happy New Year I hope this doesn't occur too often.
    Hugs and good health
    Sheila x


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