Dec 2, 2015


Some things never lose its relevance. Digging into the archive volt of posts past I retrieve and reassert this post written 2 years ago, very apropos for current headspace. Enjoy.

Love - from crazy-frankensteindotcomLove, can you recognize the real thing? If the love you claim leaves you isolated, alone, feeling lesser than, operating in lack, demoralized, more sad than happy, more miserable than joyful, you might want to question the integrity of that love.  counterfeit

Sometimes counterfeit “love” comes packaged like the real thing, like the knockoff Lui  Vuitton’s and Christian Dior’s products. It may look the same, give the illusion of being the same but the quality, durability and integrity of the product will reveal itself to be the poor imitation it is. Counterfeit love manifests itself in much the same way. It is a “love” boobie trap designed to extricate you from all that protects, nourishes and supports you at being your best authentic self. Its intent is to bleed you of your authenticity, of your glory, your faith, and your self-worth/esteem. Once you are caught up, isolated, severed from the enriching, soul satisfying true love that protects and embraces your authenticness flaws, warts and all; it will be a task (though not impossible) to get back to truth-the real you. Teach yourself to recognize false love coming in the guise as truth.  

People may try to convince, seduce, coerce and manipulate you into things and situations that is not the best for you however the final decision on whether or not to follow through, say yes or no is your sole responsibility.   

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