Oct 4, 2013

41 Traded Authenticity

expectationandhope-chidi okoye

If you give up all of whom you are,

Over extend yourself at the expense of your self-esteem,

Compromise your integrity and dignity,

Sacrifice everything in exchange for external validation, love and acceptance.

You have dishonoured yourself

Your actions is a detriment to YOU, your spirit, your soul

This is the act of self-negation and in doing so

You have, established to those to whom you surrender,

That your core belief is…

You are not enough,

You are not unworthy

You are unwilling, unable to advocate for you on your own behalf

In this space you will remain…

Unaware, unconscious and unenlightened,

Wrapped in powerlessness and inadequacy

Not understanding that…

YOU, you teach others how to treat you,

YOU, teach others how to see you,

Which begs the question…

If you do not respect you, whom do you expect to?

If you do not validate you, whom do you, expect will?

If you do not love you, how will you recognize loving kindness?

How will you be able to distinguish the difference?

If you do not accept you as you are with all your perfect imperfections, poor judgements, ill manners, and multitude of mistakes, whom do you expect will want to if you, the proprietor of self, do not want you?

The thing is…

Everything you need and want lies within you!

You are fully equipped;

God did not make a mistake in your creation

The heavenly father does not make mistakes

It all starts with you and in you!

Validate, Love and accept yourself as you are


You are enough!

Know your worth


Understand in all things, situations, and circumstances,

Your value and what you bring to the table of life.



One's constant denial, rejection, negation and abandonment of self in order to please everybody else does nothing to enlighten, nourish or replenish the soul only defeat, denounce and guarantee the decay of the spirit.


D.S.B.Rhapsody©All Rights Reserved
Art : Expectations by Chidi Okoye
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