Oct 4, 2013

41 Traded Authenticity

expectationandhope-chidi okoye

If you give up all of whom you are,

Over extend yourself at the expense of your self-esteem,

Compromise your integrity and dignity,

Sacrifice everything in exchange for external validation, love and acceptance.

You have dishonoured yourself

Your actions is a detriment to YOU, your spirit, your soul

This is the act of self-negation and in doing so

You have, established to those to whom you surrender,

That your core belief is…

You are not enough,

You are not unworthy

You are unwilling, unable to advocate for you on your own behalf

In this space you will remain…

Unaware, unconscious and unenlightened,

Wrapped in powerlessness and inadequacy

Not understanding that…

YOU, you teach others how to treat you,

YOU, teach others how to see you,

Which begs the question…

If you do not respect you, whom do you expect to?

If you do not validate you, whom do you, expect will?

If you do not love you, how will you recognize loving kindness?

How will you be able to distinguish the difference?

If you do not accept you as you are with all your perfect imperfections, poor judgements, ill manners, and multitude of mistakes, whom do you expect will want to if you, the proprietor of self, do not want you?

The thing is…

Everything you need and want lies within you!

You are fully equipped;

God did not make a mistake in your creation

The heavenly father does not make mistakes

It all starts with you and in you!

Validate, Love and accept yourself as you are


You are enough!

Know your worth


Understand in all things, situations, and circumstances,

Your value and what you bring to the table of life.



One's constant denial, rejection, negation and abandonment of self in order to please everybody else does nothing to enlighten, nourish or replenish the soul only defeat, denounce and guarantee the decay of the spirit.


D.S.B.Rhapsody©All Rights Reserved
Art : Expectations by Chidi Okoye


  1. I’m trying to calm this smile down from my face. It is so wonderful to see GOD’s work in full bloom. The Spirit takes control in instances such as this. Continue to allow your words to flow to us unfiltered straight from GOD’s feet.

    Be Blessed as well as those you speak to

    1. Blessings..
      You honor me, thank you, i humble accept such a gracious complement.

  2. That is so true… wonderfully written reminder… have a great weekend. Take care, -S-

    1. Thanks.
      I trust you had a superb weekend as well?

  3. Fabulicious, my dearly,

    I want to thank you for your research about my name, well you know I’m Fatima but of course I´m not a saint,
    otherwise I would be in another planet, not in earth.
    I fell more like the light fairy, when she notices an injustice she gets very angry, she likes harmony and love,
    but she can´t permit any injustice.

    It´s funny how my name can be spelled in such different ways, I´m imagining someone calling me that way.HEHEHE!

    All that you wrote is very true, we must accept and respect ourselves like we are,
    everything we need lies within us, our inner sanctuary, we must meditate and love ouselves to be accepted by the outside world.

    A big kiss to you.Take care!

    1. You are welcome
      thank you for sharing your thoughts...
      absolutely all lies within....
      meditation is a good start.

  4. Amen…………..how are ya!…………Been busy myself preparing for a life changing experience that begins this weekend ……..making my mark on life as we know it, all good…………….anyway, I like your thoughts, your attitude, your flow and your passion that bubbles from a level deep inside of you……………….xx

    1. Life can be busy and i cherish that you chose to pause and step over her to drop me a line.

      thank you...

  5. wonderful insight..
    Hi, nice meeting you.. I have seen some ofyou comments here and there, and wanted to come in and say hi..
    have a great day..

    1. Thank you, hope to see you again...
      thanks for coming.

  6. hello darling,

    haven’t seen you around for a quite while, how’s you!

    love your writings, and i have visited your website, pinned my birthday into your calendar.

    you always express yourself in a very romantic way, and it makes you a very special lady!

    a very good week!



  7. "No one compels but you yourself" Let us be true to ourself
    Beautiful lines Rhapsody,as always

    1. Namaste ...
      Absolutely. We are so powerful and so unaware of that powerful that we often spend our lives looking outside ourselves to seek what sits within.

  8. Replies
    1. Absolutely, positively correct!
      You Are Enough

  9. This is so beautiful. I wish you a weekend of peace and inner contentment.

    1. I embrace your wish for peace and inner contentment is one key to paradise of living and loving

  10. A timely reminder. At some point I think we all might have fallen into the trick of looking for external validation instead realizing our mere existence is a testament of God deeming us as valuable.

    1. Your insight is so on, thank you for sharing.

  11. A wonderful read, surely made my heart feel peaceful!!

    1. Welcome...
      I am glad what i've shared have brought you peace.

  12. Well written-simple and plain. Things that some of us know but dont fully understand.

    1. Often this is so true, thanks for coming and sharing.

  13. I love this Rhapsody and such good advice.
    Enjoy your week.

    1. Thank you Sheila...i trust your week is going well?

    2. It is thank you Rhapsody , that extra Sunshine is good to. x

  14. I started realizing this but now it is almost the fag end. Live in peace. God bless you.

    1. Its never to late to learn, as long as you are breathing. Knowledge and wisdom come when your are opening to receiving it.

  15. The older I get the more unwilling I am to compromise. I think earlier in life we don't often have the courage of our own convictions. This seems to come with time and experience.

    1. hmmmmmm....excellent insight, if we are lucky and learn to believe in ourselves yes. Thank you

  16. I love this.....thanks for crafting a picture so beautifully
    of authentic self care.

    1. Welcome and thank you, i appreciate your words.
      have a blessed week

  17. This is so insightful and thought provoking, every word is like a lullaby -- to the soul. I loved reading and digesting this beauty, you have such a way with words. I can always count on getting wise counseling from you. Keep up the good work, my friend.

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

    1. Blessings and thank you. Coming from an writer/author that is high praise indeed.

      It is said that knowledge not share is nothing, worthless. As I learn I share in hopes that it will uplift, help, teach, enlighten, inspire and motivate.

      Have a blessed week.


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