Oct 25, 2013

24 "Mind your business"; When is your business not your business?

When is “Your Business” NOT "your business?"
Common sense says (although common sense is “not common”) …

§  When you choose to argue uproariously in public infringing on other peoples right not to be privy to the things that is pissing you off

§  When you speak loudly on your cell phone, telling all within earshot what you did, when you did it and with whom you did it giving date, time and location.
§  When you decide to play tonsil hockey (French kiss) in public feeling on each other and groaning loudly.

§  Write your issues on public blogs without first activating the no comment option & expect people not to respond, then get angry when they do

§  When you confide in others without first asking them if they are willing to keep your confidence
The Debate:
Some say that "Your business” is always “your business" regardless to where you decide to expose it. Do you agree? I do not.

The thing is, when you decide whether consciously or unconsciously to “air” your business in public you are in fact by virtue of the venue extending an open invitation for others to engage, participate and usher in unsolicited advice/action.

Now I understand that some of you may say, "hell no, your business is your business regardless and people should stay out of it, be quiet and not get involved or give their opinion." I am of two mines about this. On one hand I understand not wanting others to interject where you may feel they have no place, on the other hand that deliberate disconnect can be a double edged sword. What if you are in real trouble and really need help and someone butting in means saving your life? Sheds a whole new light on the subject when you think about it that way does it not?

Therein lies (the rub) the dilemma right, how does one know when to mind their own business and when it is necessary not to? I often hear people complain (myself included) how people do not help (come to the aid of others in need). You hear/read of incidences where someone was attacked and no one helped, no one called the police etc, and you think, 'Lord have mercy, that could have been me, my mother, sister, daughter, brother, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.' What is one to do?

This Inquiring Mind Wants To Know - What say you?:
  • When do we forfeit (surrender) our right to tell someone "mind your own business" or do we?
  • How do we know when to get involved in the appropriate way at the appropriate time and for the right reason?

Art: Sister in red by Charles Bibbs

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