May 25, 2013

28 Plain Talk Bad Manners–Telling It Like It Is

“Plain talk, bad manners”

Just saying…

If I thought you, liking me, would cost me something or bring some meaning to my life rather than toxic criticisms, I might, actually give a damn about what you have to say to me and about me. Since neither holds true, excuse me while I bend over so you can kiss my ass.

“Plain talk, bad manners”


The reality…

I'd care If, I thought you were worthy

“Plain talk, bad manners”


My point…

Do not invest too much time, energy, emotion or focus on people that never have anything good to say or positive to contribute.

“Plain talk, bad manners”


Understand that…

Your time is valuable, expend it wisely.

“Plain talk, bad manners”


Stay blessed

“Plain talk bad manners” is a saying on the Island of Trinidad & Tobago, it is used to explain someone speaking the unvarnished truth without coot, discretion or fanfare.

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