Sep 16, 2012

44 Reflecting - Arising out of a conversation with a friend

Sometimes the most challenging thing one can experience in life is getting clear, and focused about achieving our own sense of balance and purpose. At times the journeyed complexities of balancing work, living, learning, loving, and relationships clogs the brain, mutes the voice and deafen the intuition so that we barely recognize ourselves. We become alienated from our center, displaced in our own skins, minds, and bodies and desensitized to how we become participants and perpetrators of our own hurts. It becomes necessary then in order to heal, grow, and gain particular insight to self to become still, to be silent, and honest about the things that fill us up, hinder us, block our paths, and muddy our way.


I believe that clarity of mind, spirit, and purpose seizes to flow fluently into excellence when it’s fogged in by toxic resistances cloaked in

Regret, Guilt, Sorrow, and Shame.

The defeatist rational, of I could have, I should have, I would have, if only vacillates,

blocking the blessing determinedly fighting to infuse you into a coerces surrender of

I give up, I give in

Do not be fooled

You are stronger than you think.

Can excel further than you can imagine.

Can accomplish more than you think humanly possible.

The key?

Get out of your own way

Proactively remove the unproductive mindless clutter

Make room for new and unexplored visions, dreams, and possibilities

Follow up with action

Make it happen

Construct those realities’

By …

Meticulously changing the things that can be changed

Unreservedly accepting the things that cannot be changed

Forgiving yourself your humanness

Learning from your mistakes

Freeing yourself from closeted humiliation

Getting the lessons from lived and shared experiences

Internalizing its wisdoms bequeathed you

And acting on the knowledge’s it conveys

To gain…

Clarity of Mind, body, spirit, and purpose


Peace, much love



By D.S.B.Rhapsody © All rights Reserved.

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