Jun 20, 2012


IMG_3734Blessings all I have a rant today. My rant? Mondays Blues. You know those I don’t wanna (want to) songs you groan as you reluctantly roll, stretch, and grunt as you attempt to pull yourself out of bed when the alarm clock goes off announcing its time to get up and prepare for work. Ever wonder or given much thought as to why you’re so unenthusiastic and worn-out on a Monday morning?

Its not rocket science really, actually its pretty simple; its called exhaustion. Yes EXHAUSTION! You see most of us spend the week working or attending school and all the activities associated with those things, so the household chores are ignored due to our busy schedules, while the food depletes (reduce) and household chores accumulates.

Now when the weekend comes along ideally we are supposed to rest but 9 out of 10 times its not so for most of us. For some the weekend also means work, housework, your time is spent playing catch up on those chores that you were not able to do during the week. You know-the laundry, cleaning the house, making groceries, going to the market and heaven forbid if your kids got activities then you have the additional tasks of shovelling them back and forth to and from their activities and at times chaperoning.

Before you know it the weekend is over and Monday morning rolls in and you’re feeling whopped, beaten, your bones ache and you just want to sleep. It feels like you blinked and the weekend is over. Now? You need a weekend to recover from your weekend.

What is one to do about crammed weekends?Uncram it. Solution? (what works for me, It may not work for you but what do you have to lose?) Simple….do the laundry and clean the house on Friday nights after work (I do-most of the times).

Yeah I hear you, oh no I am too tired. Or if applicable a little portion of chore each day, for laundry, a load a day by weeks end you would have finished it all. You know what that leaves, your (my) Saturdays & Sundays to relax and just cruise.

If I am completely wiped on Friday then I prioritize my chores, one thing I have learnt about housework is… its faithful, it is loyal with a capital L, it will always be there waiting patiently for your attention without complaints or fussing. Truth, it is one of life’s constants, its few guarantees. Simply put, it will always be there. “Housework is never done.”

Do you know how absolutely fantastic and refreshing it is to do nothing on the weekend but cook if you choose to? I don’t know about you but I love it and on Monday mornings I am not completely exhausted from a marathon home work that had me making made dashes through the house trying to catch up with cleaning, doing the laundry, going to the grocery store and a million other odds and ends to dos. The bonus, I am not a bear. I don’t want to bite someone's head off or roar at the world.

Learn to let some stuff go. So everything does not always get done, and? Rest is a very important and vital part to our life, longevity and health; it is right up there with food and water. In fact sleep supports physical health, helps us to live longer and allows for our minds to rest and decompress promoting emotional well-being, what’s more important that you mental health? Laundry? Really? You mind want to thing that one over.

The fact is proper rest/sleep repairs the body, lowers stress, maintains a healthy heart, improves our memory and concentration and regulates our hormones! So I ask you, why are you losing sleep over household chores? You body won’t thank you for it.

Remember: Housework is faithful; it will always be there. Can you same for your health if you are constantly sleep deprived and exhausted? What do you think the long-term impact of doing that on a continual basis would be on your body, mind, mental and emotional state? Even a car has to be maintained, tuned up, oiled and gassed and it’s a bloody machine!

Not forgetting those stay at home moms/dads (this applies to you to!) who work around the clock. You need to organize some childcare-barter with other mothers, utilize grandparents, godmothers/fathers, friends for little chunks of time where you can use the opportunity to reconnect with your selves, connect with some adults for some grown up conversations and rejuvenate yours spirits so your cup can refill and you are replenished.

You cannot run on empty efficiently and be loving, compassionate, giving and understanding. Do not run inefficiently efficient. You are human and something would have to give and if you do not create balance-a space where you can refuel. It will be you who fall apart. At that point you will be of no use/value to your child(ren), your family. If you exists and operate in lack, unhappiness, un-fulfillment and feeling devalued then what you unintentionally offer/have to offer is lack, discontentment and undervalue-ness and what’s worst? You are passing it all on to your children, its called pathology.

So create some balance. By all means clean your house, catch up on all your little this and little that’s, simply balance it with rest and relaxation and you will be a better happier you and I am sure, more pleasant to be around.

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