Jun 6, 2012

30 Delightful little observations that made me smile

head on shoulderThey sat together closely linked, he sitting facing front she leaning on his right shoulder her face turned to his and close as they quietly conversate. Suddenly her head reared back, her hand made slow fanning motions, her nose crinkled up, her eyes narrowed, she whispered something to him, his face a perfectly stilled mask showing no reaction as she fanned furiously her face a mask of disgust as she moved slightly away. He farted.

holding-handsThey entered the train animated hand in hand as they plunked themselves on a seat for two. She turned half to the front half facing him; he is turned completely to his side facing her. His left hand plays with her hair as they talk. He kisses her ear, she turns more toward him and begins to rub the back of his neck moving up his nape and into the crown of his head, he mourns, leads forward to give her better access and mourns again hmmmmm saying, “that feels so good, it itches so good,” she laughs, they trade caresses each letting the other know if it feels good or not, he then comes forward in her face she smiles and he flicks his index finger on her front teeth. She yelps, “ah that hurts,” and turns to return the favour, he ducks away saying, “no way I know that shit hurts,” she pouts, he kisses her pout, she bites his ear, he yelps, she smiles.

textingShe stands in the subway on the bus platform her right side towards me. She laughs, raises her head and laughs and looks back down again. Uneasy by the seemingly disconnected spontaneously bouts of laughter I get ready to move, she turns and I see she’s texting.

Conversations – Why talk when you have cell phones?

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open doorThe boy, no more than 9 who opened the door and held it open till I exited. He walks away singing with his grandmother.



juicy fruit apple pie gumMy daughter’s face when I gifted with her “just because present” of apple pie chewing gum. She was delighted, immediately opened it, took a good long sniff, promptly shoves it under my nose and says, “it really smells like apple pie!” she opens one, unwraps it, smells it, smiles and pops it in her mouth and laughs, makes the hmmmm, mmm sound and smiles saying, “it takes like apple pie! Want some?” No was my response.

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