Nov 21, 2011

24 The Obscenity of Art

On Friday afternoon i was waiting for the streetcar on the intersection of Dundas and yonge. The afternoon was cold. I was getting impatient not to mention cold when i began to look around for things to distract me to whittle away the time.  I had been standing there since 12:43 pm and it was fast approaching 5 after 1pm. The first distraction was the ALL CROSSING voice that seem to say, “All dogs cross now,” (means every one can cross at the same time, east, west, north and south) the absurdity of the deciphering was hilarious and i was soon laughing with a young lady downtown on a P.A. day from school who confess that she too was unable to decode the message but was sure it had to do with crossing. The second distraction came when i spotted two large pots with flowers directly across the street. I spoke to the young lady again and asked her, ‘what does that look like?’ She just looked at me and started laughing but was too shy to say exactly and instead opt to say, “I know what you mean.” I then asked her, ‘do you think they realized what it looks like?’ She just smiled. I then started digging in my bag for my camera, zoomed in and clicked. i just had to get a shot to share with you.


Well……? What do you think?

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