Feb 27, 2016

26 Dramatic Beginning/Fabulous Ending

This week started with a bit of drama....

Monday - The Beginning: Get Out!...
"All Passengers please leave the train and subway immediately!"
"All Passengers please leave the train and subway immediately!"
"All Passengers please exit the trains and leave the subway immediately!"
"All Passengers please exit the trains, do not linger on the platforms calming leave the subway station immediately!"

I didn't have to be told twice and no amount of curiosity could have me lingering to find out who, what, when, where, why. Miss Rhapsody was exiting the train and the subway on command.

I closed my tablet, grabbed up my wheel knapsack and out I went. The crowd was massive and the moving slow. As I was not too familiar with Pape subway so I followed to crowd. I departed the crowd route and took the elevator as the path to the stairway was tediously slow and the announcement to leave the subway could still be heard. I rode one elevator up and then another to the main entrance of the subway.

On the main floor people could be heard shouting "what's happening, what's happening." The replies were an array of wild guesses from passengers, "doh know, maybe its a bomb threat." "Its probably a gunman." "Its probably another jumper," the speculations flew. I noticed that the transit employees were quiet and never really answered the question.

I kept a steady pace toward the exit. A few steps to the exit/entrance a Jamaican man started shouting, "this eh bomboclatt right, al yuh feh tell meh to leave the bomboclatt subway but yah nah ave no pussyclatt shuttle buses, weh the pussyclatt shuttlebuses, bomboclatt rass." Others could be heard echoing the whereabouts of the shuttle buses as an alternative means to getting home. We all had to stand outside in the cold. At least it wasn't -22. One of the transit employees shouted to be heard above the noise of the masses, "there are no shuttle buses! You can walk to either of the two nearest subways Chester or Donlands from here or you can wait but we don't know how long the delay will last. There will be no shuttle buses. "Rassclatt!" came the irritated retort from the Jamaican man as he stormed off heading east. I just laugh to myself as the swearing was so pointless and did not make the situation better. I guess it helped him vent his frustrations, by this time it was after 8 pm.

I stood trying to acclimate myself, to figure out exactly where I was in proximity to my home. I went back inside near the door and ask one of the transit drivers if there is a bus/route I could take to get home. The alternative would be a long one but then he suggested I wait as it may be quicker that using the alternative, so I took out my tablet, pull up my puzzle and proceeded to amuse myself while I waited out the incident. Within 25 minutes it was over and we were allowed to reenter the subway again, turns out it was someone with a weapon on the very train I was on when we were asked to bail out and leave the subway. Better safe than sorry I always say and I didn't feel the time much as I busy solving my puzzle. I got home safe and sound.

The Ending - Love Expressed
Friday was a hectic day of sorts. I say of sorts mainly because I was trying to stave off this cold I could feel streaming through my body with the foreshadowing of aches, runny nose and sneezing. I finished up and left the office around 6:25. Transit was smooth and I was home by 7:53 pm. I quickly turned on the television for Sleep Hollow because i tend to forget as i get lost in my reading. I put some steamed chicken breast, eggs with vegetables to warm while relaxed, solve my puzzle on my tablet through the adverts and watched Sleepy Hallow. During the break I retrieved my food and saw on the refrigerator as I passed a card from my God son X (who has his own name for me) - affectionately known as MANMAN. It is titled CUTE LOVE. He made the card for my eldest daughter and I. She is his sweetheart and I am the loveable one. Now how can you beat that huh? Loveable, I'll take that. Priceless right? See his card below.

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