Jan 23, 2013


Lady Sheesh
Repost-A reminder to myself
First:              what is advice?
Advice is just another word for counsel, suggestion (it can also be an opinion), i.e. recommendations, tools whether theoretical or actual that you are sharing with a person or persons on how best to deal with a particular person(s), situation and or subject.
Second:         Be sure that your advice is requested by the party/parties to whom you are offering it.
Note:             Offering advice does not mean that the “advice” given will be applied (in whole or in part), appreciated or even considered, it simply means that you have shared (hopefully because you were asked) strategies on how to address a particular issue(s), subject(s) or persons
My point:
 ¦   It is wise to note that when you are giving advice it is really suggestions that may or may not be applied because the person receiving the “advice” can and have the right to choose to take it or leave it.
 ¦   Always make sure your advice is welcomed, requested, warranted and wanted
 ¦   Bear in mind that the person asking more than likely already knows what to do however they may simply be seeking clarity on the issue because at times different perspectives can at times bring comprehension where it may have otherwise been lost
 ¦   Be mindful that sometimes people may ask for your advice to escape taking responsibility for their lives so that they always have someone else to blame when things fall apart, do not go right or not work out.
 ¦   Be mindful of your intention when giving, offering advice, it will help to maintain objectivity, clarity and articulation
So when offering, or giving, advice, i.e. counsel, suggestions, recommendations, check your ego at the door.
For those soliciting/asking/seeking advice…
 ¦   Listen without getting defensive
 ¦   Pay attention on whether or not the suggestions are valid and with merit,
 ¦   Bear in mind that you ask for it and good advice is good advice, it can come from anywhere and anyone
 ¦   The person offering/giving the advice cannot really dictate what you will and will not do
 ¦   The final decision regardless of the advice and its intent is always yours
Peace people, have an absolutely fabulous week
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