Sep 6, 2011


Beneath the skin

I am as you are


Not the stereotypical fallacious propaganda

Don’t get lost on the color

Judge by character



  1. Yup! We’re all the same people with same emotions beneath our skin and color. God made us such! He gave us similarity and variety too!

  2. If only we could all see through God’s eyes. Character is what matter the most. God bless you my sweet and faithful friend and thank you for visiting my space even in my abscence.~Love and Hugs~Marilyn~

  3. I love the way you put things, you do have a way with words.

  4. I love your big words!

  5. Let’s all be real. A few years ago one of the biggest turnarounds was the realization is to be just who I am. But in the same token, with each day that we spend with God, we become more like Him. I like how He looks at our hearts. Home really is where the heart is…Our heart with Him and our hearts together as one.Geesh! I’m sounding like a Valentine Greeting Card this morning.

  6. Yes indeed, we’re only human – born to make mistakes and worth much more than just color.

  7. God made us all and so we should love one another regardless.Hugs, Beth

  8. It just common sense. Just like the Golden rule. "Do unto others..."etc.

  9. Hi Rhapsody thank ‎​you so much for your kind words on my blog. Take care :)

  10. @BostonBoy I've discovered that common sense is not COMMON, though it is often thought to be.

  11. "The world is my country,
    all mankind are my brethren,
    and to do good is my religion."
    — Thomas Paine
    All are human and it is only character that distinguishes them as you have rightly put.

  12. like the way you put it....we are all ONE regardless of our colours.

  13. Hi Rhapsody,
    Great poem, good words.

  14. I love this...we all tend to forget that we are only human and nothing more than that.

  15. @Myne Whitman thank you,@KParthasarathi that is quite a quote with much to aspire to, thanks,@IbhadeYou can say that again, sometimes we get lost in false notions of superiority, @Herrad I am glad you enjoyed it, thanks and Lara I am happy you were moved, yes at times in our humanness we forget each others humanity when we fixed on competiting against each other.

  16. So much meaning in just a few words...True talk!

  17. @deolascope much like the atrocities committed against another for no other reason than the color of their skin and @dayor Thank you

  18. You've said it all...nothing more to be said. Interesting read!!

  19. Agree with Myne and blogoratti,

    There's nothing left to be said. What is so baffling is that it is so simple and clear, yet difficult to practice

  20. "Dont get lost on the colour
    Judge by the character"

    Like the words of MLK Jnr. Awesome! MELIKE!

    - LDP

  21. @LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR Thank you professeur that is quite a compliment.


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