Apr 30, 2011

17 Sometimes You must Laugh At Yourself -Wrong Paste & The Panty Debacle

I woke up this morning and proceeded to the bathroom to take my shower. As per usual I cleansed my face, neck and decollate by the sink in front of the mirror deciding to forgo the once a week mircodermabrasion treatment until later because frankly I was just not up to it and kept it nice and simple, cleanse and moisturize. After the cleanse I reached for my toothbrush applied the toothpaste on it and started to brush my teeth and something happened. There was a funny taste in my mouth and in my mind I am thinking, ‘why does this toothpaste taste so weird’. I chucked it up to my sore mouth because the left side of my mouth was bitt irritated so I thought that the not so familiar taste was due to soreness and irritation. However I was not convinced and opt to try brushing my teeth again so I rinsed my mouth and toothbrush and reapplied the toothpaste. I started to brush and pow! my mouth was infused with the minty freshness of toothpaste and I thought 'well if its tooth pasty now, why not before?' I decided to investigate to put my mind at ease, it is then I noticed the timewise gentle cleanser lying to my left next to the toothpaste and it hit me. The first time I brushed my teeth it was not with the toothpaste but with my cleanser! I stood looking at myself in the mirror shaking my head and laughing thinking, ‘well I guess I am not as awake as I profess to be’.

The incident just too preposterously incredulous and ridiculous to keep to myself I had to share it with someone. I decided to knock on my daughter’s bedroom door and share what happened. Entering I stood a few feet away looking at her which prompted her to ask, “mommy are you alright?” I said disbelievingly, “I don’t know, you tell me” and I relayed the incident to her, first making her promise not to laugh out loud or for too long. Boy was that promise a bust the girl laughed so hard and for so long she was practically hyperventilating on her bed as she rolled from side to side trying to unsuccessfully smother her laughter…saying between bouts of laughter, “who does that!”. I stood there looking at her and said, “You promised you weren’t going to laugh out loud or for too long”, my declaration only started another bout of laughter. I just looked at her, shook my head laughingly indignant and said, “you lied!” and stormed out the room in fake indignation her ringing laughter following me out the door. When she regained her equilibrium she came to my room smiling broadly and asked, “Hey mom,” she says between giggles, “remember when we went on the picnic and you had on your dragon draws?” giggle, giggle, laugh.

We had gone on one of our impromptu picnics in the park down on the Esplanade in downtown Toronto. On our walk to the park we stopped by the deli store RABBA on 173 Front Street East at the intersection of Sherbourne and Front Street to pick up some meat slices (pastrami, roast beef, all beef salami, turkey, Cajun chicken) some creamy havarti cheese, Kaiser buns, mustard, orange juice and some disposable cups. During our walk there my underwear started slipping a little, so I pulled it up telling the girls softly, “ooh..my panty is falling.” My oldest whispered back, “mommy please tell me you didn’t put on one of those dragon draws grangie (their grandmother) bought you?” (They call them dragon draws because they were so big they would fall off so I used them solely for sleeping.) I said, “yes its a new one,” to which she replied, “but mommy you know those ones are too big and they fall down.” unable to deny the truthful reminder I used a poor defence by saying, “oh but this is a new one and it looked smaller than the others plus when I first put it on it felt ok.” With our with our yummy goodness packed we walked the short way to the park and made our sandwiches ate, drank, talked and laughed. On our return walk home my panty again began to slip and I was continually pulling it up. Then the girls and I were talking, laughing, singing and running along the side walk when suddenly I felt my steps hindered. I stopped my face in a mask of horror only my children recognized. Once they realized I was behind them the turned and came back towards me asking, “mommy what's wrong?” I called them closer and whispered, “my panty fell down to my ankles,” they both looked down and then up at me and shrieked, “mommy!” and we started laughing. Luckily for me I had on pants. I told the girls to stand in front of me while I strategically and casually as possible worked my feet out of the panty without bringing too much attention to myself. The task completed I balled it up quickly and shoved it in my bag. We then hurried home laughing all the way. It was a short walk so we were home in no time. Needless to say I never wore those panties out in public again. To this day my daughter reminisce with each other and laugh saying “remember mommy and the dragon draws?

Hearing her laughter just made me smile as I thought, ‘sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself’ and invite others into the laughter. I don’t know what that experience was about this morning but I did get the lesson or should I say lessons.

  1. Do not take yourself too seriously, sometimes it’s good to laugh at yourself.
  2. Pay attention to what you doing at all times even to the mundane tasks.
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