Apr 22, 2011

3 My Week - The Allusiveness of Sleep, Manman, photo experimenting and things that peeked my interest

Monday:(The Allusiveness of Sleep)

So am ready for bed but bed is not ready for me. It is 10:45 pm and I am lying here and sleep has decided to abandon me. I turn on the TV and I am flicking through the one hundred and twenty-six channels, bouncing from one crap to the other while I one finger type this entry. It’s now 11 pm and sleep continues to evade me. Normally I would be on my desktop computer orange wedgeschecking my emails, solving some puzzles, playing a game of Cubis or visiting my fellow bloggers in bloggersville and catching up with their live vicariously via their blogs entries but my computer has quit on me (into our lives some rain must fall), so here I sit typing up my thoughts and sucking on some orange wedges just as a memory struck about grocery shopping with my sister that I want to share with you.

Two Sundays ago my sister and I went grocery shopping. We don’t just go to one grocery store we hit all the sales and specials so we plan out which ones well hit first to minimize on the amount of driving. We were in FRESCA coasting the baking isle for baking soda when my sister ahead of me spotted it just as I was walking pass the raisins, prunes, almonds and peanuts. I PEANUTSinspected the jumbo blanched peanuts and thought, ‘hmmm, its been a while since I’ve had homemade oven roasted peanuts,’ so I picked up a 800 gram package and as per my custom I read the label and I started laughing. Now some may thing the label warning reasonable however I found a portion of it utterly ridiculous. My sister heard me laughing and ask, “what’s so funny,” I gave the package of blanched peanuts to her asking her to read the labelled ingredients. She read out loud, “Ingredients: Peanuts may contain traces of nuts and or sesame seeds.” She started laughing.

Now while the part about the sesame seeds does not strike me as odd and does make sense what rings odd to me is the “PEANUTS, IMG_0025MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS.” Really? No duh! I should bloody hope so I am after all buying nuts! It is not the first time I encountered these asinine “warning labels” I just don’t get the necessity of them when the very product they are warning you about is what you are purchasing, it is clearly labelled nuts so how much sense does that make to say MAY CONTAIN NUTS? What, are consumers in the habit of unconsciously purchasing peanut/nut products and mistakenly take them for gum, cheetos, apples, Bananas and oranges that these warnings of may contain nuts on nut products is warranted? Can someone enlighten me? They even have it on peanut butter for crying out loud. I can understand if these labels are on products that are not obvious nut products such as fruit cups, raisins granola bars, cranberries fruit mix etc but clearly labelled nut products? Go figure. Its now 12:09 am and sleep is still playing hide and seek with me for which I am in no mood nor do I have the tolerance. Sleep frankly is avoiding me like the bubonic plague. I got to be proactive. I am going and take a shower again perhaps a hot shower would do the trick, I hope.

Tuesday (Manman)

manmanHad on interesting observations, a woman refuse to hold on to the railing while the train was moving, she had a couple of miss falls but it was only when she went flying that she decided to hold on. Got a call from my eldest daughter that my godson MANMAN was fussing and asking for me by the time i reached home he was at door with his hands outstretched. We played and talked before him mom game to pick him up. I also experimented photographing some light.


light (2)light (3)light (5)light (7)light (8)light (10) light (11) light (12)

Wednesday (Trees)

I took some interesting photos of trees, one of my favourite subjects. Each designed by "man" to tell a specific story story unlike those designed naturally by nature. The first I name Gateway to Condo Living. The the second below I call Fencing To The Final Resting Place as the trees serves as a fencing for a cemetery.

Gateway To Condo Living

trees (2) Fencing To The Final Resting Placetrees (1)

Thursday – Things That Peeked My Interest

Today represents the things I saw that peeked my interest. I am standing here passing the time looking through the class of a bookstore called A DIFFERENT BOOK LIST while waiting for the streetcar on the last leg of my journey to work. reading the titles of the books in the showcase I stop at one titled HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A NEGRO WITHOUT GETTING TIRED. Hmmmmmm…. shoot I don’t have time to grab a pen and paper to write down the title because the streetcar is coming, instead I take a picture for future reference. I definitely want to read that book. I am titillating and intrigued by it provocative title. Turning to walk the few steps to the stop I look up, seeing an a advertising for books on sale that grabs my attention. Smiling I thought, ‘I guess this is the day for spotting interesting things.’ I aim my camera up and taking a to mentally making note to myself to revisit this bookstore hurrying my steps I board the streetcar.

provocative title

engaging advertising

Friday (At Home)

Today I am home away from the office though I am still monitoring the emergency phone line as domestic violence sleeps for no one. Today I have both daughters at home. It’s interesting they are both young women now, no longer babies, each with their dynamic personalities and they unique way at see and interpreting the world. however today's pace is a bit slower than the regular in terms of the demand.

Have a blessed one my friends

Take care…. Rhapsody


  1. I do hope you get a good nights sleep tonight Fab. I hate it when I can't sleep. I have been having quite a few of those nights lately.
    Manman is adorable!

  2. Interesting post! Lol at the peanuts. SMH. That light photography is awesome


  3. Some products sure do have funny and ‘What the heck’ warning labels. Seen a few myself! When I was shopping for my Grandbaby’s Halloween costume last year, I bought her a little witch’s with wire reinforced brim with a tag that claimed "Choking hazard". How? HOW???? Really? These kinds of things always crack me up.
    MANMAN is a young man in training of course. Hey, I’d have my arms stretched out for you too if you walked in on me! “…HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A NEGRO WITHOUT GETTING TIRED….” Very interesting, must find me a willing participant to prove this. Where does a white guy find such a volunteer???? Bwahahaha! Crazy stuff!

    Awe, your entries always start my day off with a good chuckle. Thank you! Now… go get some sleep unless you want to be my willing participant!!


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