Mar 18, 2011

9 The Umbrella - Useless or Useful

The Umbrella, It’s good for nothing yet good for something’s, Like a hot sunny day with mild wind to provide shade from the UV rays. However on a windy rainy day like today its worth shit as the wind beats it mercilessly on the umbrella flipping it, skinning it upward, breaking the spokes as the owner holds tightly in a war of futility attempting pathetically to keep from flight and destruction while simultaneously trying to stay dry. Until alas the winds and rains claims victory as the umbrella lies haplessly in on the ground and the owner runs off in soaked in frustrated defeat and pissed at just having spent $20 for an umbrella that lasted less than 60 minutes.

Although from a completely selfish standpoint I enjoy the antics and animation of umbrella wrestling. It is quite amusing for that reason I now walk with my dinky Samsung WB600 digital camera with video making capabilities poise for the opportunity to click and tape someone in the trios of “wrestleumbrella”. Does that sound bad, oh well what can I say to that, I am sorry? Ahhhh…Not. It simply makes for interesting people watching.

I guess you figured by now that I don’t do umbrella eh. One is better off investing in a decent rain coat, hat and galoshes. Might take a little more time to get them on sure but they are guaranteed to get the job done, keep you dry and your disposition on the sunny side on an otherwise soggy day.


  1. When it’s windy AND raining outside, I get a jacket or coat with a hood and call it a day!

  2. I have to agree about the umbrella. I never use them, it is a rain coat with a hood for me.

  3. I agree there is no need for an umbrella. Don’t you just love to run in the rain? I certainly do. Also I recently completed a Franklin Covey Training and the facilitator talked about carrying your own weather so it is always sunny for me. I think rain is the beads of perspiration rolling off God’s brow from the hot sunny day he is enjoying as he looks down at us laughing at how silly we look trying to run behind an umbrella when all we should be doing is playing. Try tasting the rain drops they might be salty or they might not….gotcha now I know next time it rains half of you all will be out there trying to catch the drops with your tongue…..Take some time today and PLAY its real fun.


  4. Everything in the world has limited value.The boat you fancy for a leisurely sail on the calm waters of a sleepy lake may not be adequate for a ride in a sea hit with tsunami!! I love my umbrella as an Englishman does his with his uncertain sky.

  5. Yes a really strong gust of wind will do that to an umbrella. To think that after all these years and so much technology, they’re still making those shoddy umbrellas. I’ve had my days playing “wrestleumbrella” too – lol!

  6. Umbrellas are weird for those who have cochlear implants like me... my processor afixes to my skull via a magnet. Well if the umbrella gets too close to my processor it will fly off my skull and dangle from the umbrella!!! Since the processor is about $7,000 and not waterproof it is kind of a scary event. Heh...

  7. sometimes i question d whole umbrella thing too
    i can imagine how much i've invested in umbrellas SMH

  8. Great love this it made me laugh, you are so right. I don't do umberella's either blinking nuisance, what do you do with a wet soggy brolly when you are going in and out of shops. Thanks have a great day. xSheilax

  9. But i like umbrellas- they're so classy. It's funny to see someone wrestling with them though! LOL. Wicked i know, but i'll still laugh :D



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