Feb 25, 2011

25 Tomorrow, Yesterday, Today

Pondering It is human to want to hold on to things and people, to keep to us that which we determine precious. However, it is in our quest, to hold tight and keep exclusively to ourselves those things and people we most value and hold dear that we unwittingly imprison ourselves, burden our bodies and shackle our minds due to the self-imposed restrictions we adhere to because we feel it is required to maintain said things. It is an unfortunate choice of being because it limits our growth as human beings and suffocates those whose desire to remain close is witted away and overtaken by their need to escape the restricting confines imposed upon them.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we learnt a little from nature’s continuous patterns of forward movement, of simply doing and being? Imagine being able to capture just a fragment of that to weave into our life's philosophy, it would free us from the confines that atrophy our evolution. Sometimes in our zests to be validated, to know, understand and establish our significance in the world we get in our own way and muddy our own path as we try to capture the illusiveness of things and people in the Tomorrows, Yesterdays and Todays comprehending yet refusing to acknowledge that nothing is permanent, that tomorrow never comes, yesterday is never here and today never stays.

Tomorrow, Yesterday, Today

Tomorrow never comes
Yesterday is never here
Today never stays
It gives way to tomorrow that never comes
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Mystifyingly infinite
Always changing, exchanging,
Arranging, rearranging for...
A Tomorrow that never comes
A Today that never stays
A Yesterday that is never here
That pushes its way into
Tomorrow that never comes
Situating itself into
Today that never stays
Only to change into
Yesterday that is never here
Seeping hope for a
Tomorrow that never comes


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