Feb 20, 2011

12 Feet For Street?

briefcase on wheels So am sitting on the train minding my own business halfway between sleep and wake when the train stopped at Yonge Subway. Yonge Subway is one of the main transfer points where people can change from the East/West line to the North/South line and go on their merry way. The other transfer points are Spadina and St. George. Any who as I was saying, there I was thinking I could catch a power nap before I reach my jump off point (4 more stops) when a short stocky suit clad Caucasian gentleman (and I use the term lightly) bounced in with his briefcase pulley much like those ones used by lawyers when they go to court.

He stopped for a brief moment as if to decide where to sit and then turned to his left, which was in the direction I was sitting. I tucked my feet closer to my seat as per usual whenever anyone’s passes close to me however it didn’t matter in this case because the man rolled over first my right foot and without pausing to investigate what his brief pulley bumped over the uncivilized brute proceeded toward the two-seater parallel as blasé as you please promptly rolling over my left foot as well. He didn’t bat a lash or looked back to say I am sorry.

I stared at the Neanderthal hard in what my children call “the look” my face a mask of incredulousness that I am sure mirrored my thoughts..... ‘Really, you don’t know you just ran over something? Your brief pulley almost fell the first time and you righted it and then it happened again. You didn’t think you hit or ran over something?’ because as he was about to sit (facing me because I turned slightly to my left) he became unnerved because I kept looking at him. He stared back sheepishly; sort of half laugh and started apologizing anxiously “sorry, sorry, am so sorry.” I just stared at him. I dare not open my mouth for fear of what I would say. I simply stayed silent and just turned away.

What the heck is going on with people? This bumping, hitting, shoving, knocking, stepping on others without apology or mindfulness of others sharing the same space seems to be fast becoming the fricking trend. There is no excuse for it. Sure accidents happen, who hasn’t unintentionally bumped or stepped on someone but at least have the presence of mind to own it and apologize for gripes sakes! It makes a big difference and one might want to consider that not everybody is the same. Some people would get in your face for stuff like that. An apology is a little thing that goes a long way.

Tip of the Day: Be mindful of others and your surroundings

first published on my MSN Spaces blog 2010/05/01


  1. Such uncivil men do exist everywhere.I should say they are animals in human form bereft of finer sentiments. At least this guy sheepishly tendered an apology unable to bear your hard and disapproving state

  2. A darn shame but it is so true. People are in such a hurry that they pay no attention to their surroundings.

  3. Well,you have had a bad time haven't you?
    I hated it happent me too, I used train to go to the school in Japan. It was a long time ago:-)
    Some people are selfishly manners.
    hope it doesn't affected on your jobs?
    Keeping smiles.

  4. like do unto others as you want others to do to you.....glad you gave him the 'look' :))

  5. Greetings… Just wanted to let you know that I am still walking amongst many here on wordpress. You can find me now at http://iamchaosheadquarters.wordpress.com/ … uttering those fameous three words for now… … “I’LL.BE.BACK.” ......SETH

  6. Thanks for sharing this, it happens a lot too. I'm glad you guys were able to sort it out.

  7. Seems like you’re getting more than ur fair share of ppl who are not mindful of others. But, just to show how a little perspective could change that – During my train journey today (of 6 hours) in a compartment with reserved seating, those without reserved seats were standing chock-a-block in the aisle and even between the rows of seats that face each other! Wonder when flights here take the same route :)

  8. Unfortunately many younger people are that way with no manners. I can understand that too, many parents are working all days and come home tired themselves. It’s ever so hard to tell in this mean digital world.

  9. People are wrapped up in there own little worlds. Listening to headphones babbling endlessly on their phones or texting a bunch of useless nonesense.Another tip: If you goof up and impede someone else, have the galantry to say you’re sorry.

  10. Buh aye aye, how you bad lucky so with these people who have no brought-up-see these days?! I would have given him one bad eye – he would have known what time it is! Girl, I hope you stop having these episodes with these un-mannerly people, because I have the feeling that Peter might end up paying for Paul soon.

  11. Josie said...
    Hey Rhapsody, remember just because you are wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase, don’t mean the person has class, manners or social skills. Obviously this dushbag didn’t!!!!!


  12. I particularly liked your last sentense - "An apology is a little thing that goes a long way"


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