Mar 21, 2010

5 Mini Pow Wow - Four Sacred Colours

This Saturday I depart from the Ordinary and attended a Pow Wow put on by the Sahkitcheway Aboriginal Student Association of George Brown College in downtown Toronto. The event MC was Derrick Bressette who did a great job explaining some of the songs and dances that was performed. There was also an elder in residence - Pauline Shirt (Cree Nation, Red Tail Hawk Clan). It was all very interesting especially the dancing.

The dances consisted of the Men's Grass Dance, Women's Traditional Dance, Jungle Dress Dance, Fancy Shawl Dance and the Hoop Dance. Here are just a few highlights of some of the dances for more photos click here Mini Pow Wow-Four Sacred Colours and it will take you there to a feast for your eyes. Have a blessed day..
Fancy Shawl Dance
All Dancers

Jingle Dress Dance
Male Dancers

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