Feb 6, 2010

3 When The Music Bites/You Move

It is has become the norm, customary even to see people with ipods and MP3’s in their ear every morning on the train, bus and streetcars to and from work. Some people give nothing away as they are calm and show no outward signs that they are listening to music others on the other hand are very animated bopping their heads, lip synching to the music or moving their shoulders to the beat. Friday morning however was exceptionally different as this particular passenger could barely contain himself as he seem to go into some sort of contorted fit of movement, facial expressions, and lip synching when the music melody and lyrics hit him. He was shaking his left and right hand while simultaneously lifting his left leg and lip synching with an angry snare and eye brows pulled together. Sometimes he would open his eyes largely pump his left fist in an upward movement and purse his lips while working his neck in a back and forth bobbing motion. It was quite reverting to watch at some points I thought he was going to pass out from the intensity of his facial expressions and his agitated foot and hand movements. The woman sitting beside him became uneasy as she kept watching him from the sides of her eyes. At one point just before he left the train he turned to the glass area when the train stopped in the tunnel and watched himself lip synching his face contorting from snare to bulging eyes to satisfied smirk and I thought ‘wow ok then, he must really love that music because was behaving like it was biting him and he could not help but move to the beat’.


  1. That made me laugh and it reminded me of myself. I try no to over do it in public though. LOL...

  2. Hi DSB:)

    Greetings and good wishes:)

    Your keen observation of facial expressions and body movements is something special and to be admired.

    It is true ipod keeps a person busy and helps one to pass time in enjoyment. But they should not disturb other people. If someone wants to make a public show,it is fine but gesticulating and showing faces is something to be avoided.

    I have an ipod plugged to my ears many times but sometimes my ipod is not on. People think I am listening to music but on the other hand I am watching them. Others think I cannot hear. Sometimes they shout loudly to talk to me and I have to tell them that I am not deaf and I can hear them without any problem.

    Now even mobile phones have this facility and I see many youngsters have the ear phone permanently plugged to their ears. Msny do it as a fashion.

    Have a wonderful day DSB:)

  3. Haha this funny guy seems to be a Great Music Lover. But yeah whatever may be the level of his passion for music, he can't cause any inconvenience to others. Personally I madly adore Music,not of all the genre though. I like melody songs the most. And I'm a Great fan of a few singers and Musicians like Taylor Swift, Akon, Avril, A.R.Rehman and many more.


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