Oct 7, 2009

16 Chivalry is not dead, it’s on life support

Times have changed and so have the men. Whether men have evolved or devolved depends greatly on one’s prospective. I remember a time when men graciously opened doors for women. When men held the door open if they happen to turn around upon exiting and notice a female behind. When men gallantly vacated their seats to women and children and gladly assisted women carrying heavy loads. I don’t think it has disappeared absolutely. I think that remanence of gentlemanliness still exists though it’s seem so far and few between that I often think the way of gallantry is gone, a thing of the past, a figment of my imagination. I have found that more often than not I am a witness to men’s refusal to vacate or even offer to vacate their seats to old ladies, pregnant women with their stomachs so huge they look as though they are carrying baby elephants or women with little children who are forced to hold on and try as best as they could to stay upright.

It would seem that women have picked up this dying mannerism that most men have laid down as women are more likely to offer or vacate their seats to other pregnant women, perhaps from understanding the pressure on the feet and back from carrying a child especially in the late stages of pregnancy, to old ladies and men too stooped by old age and shaking bodies to hold their selves steady and to children whose little arms and feet are not yet strong enough to hold them up through the journey.

While one expects change, evolution and all that good stuff that comes with the sign of the times there are just some things that transcends all that time, space, evolution gobidee-goop. I feel that male gallantry eclipses the passage of time because it never gets old, it never gets played out and no one in their right mind would tire of being the recipient of someone’s kind consideration. People love being treated well and considered I know I do and it is in this vein that I would often offer my seat to anyone in need including men. I love it when I am pleasantly surprised to witness or be the recipient of men’s gallantry; it manages to renew my faith and understanding that chivalry is not dead it just on life support and its exposed remanence is enough to renew my hope just before it manages to dissipate into jaded pessimism.


Thank You are two of the most powerful words, it says I appreciate you, I have noticed your effort, I do not take you for granted, I see you.

Thank you......Make it pandemic and pass it on.

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